Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Beach Report 9/6/20

Skye and I walked down to meet Georgia at the Beach. Out on the road, we encountered this Box Turtle, marked with an "M" (or is it a "W") in red paint, or fingernail polish. I wonder why? I moved it a few inches off the road, hopefully in the direction it intended to go
The find of the day, a pretty nice Sand Tiger tooth.
All the beaches were being pretty well used this Labor Day weekend Sunday, but not crowded. The weather is just awesome, just reaching 80 F, with reasonable humidity.
Our Florida friend is still here, and was on the posing post, in a characteristic one legged stance,
 Skye cooling off in the stream that separates Calvert Beach and Matoaka.
The mystery tooth of the day. I've never seen a small, pointed tooth like this. I suppose it could be a little Sand Tiger, but it just doesn't look like it. The tip is sharply curved to the front, like a Hastalis White Shark, but it's awfully small for that.
An interesting thing happened. As I was walking back through Matoaka, well behind Georgia and Skye, some asked me "You're Fritz, right?" I said "Yes", and he said "I read your blog every day, first thing!" I was kind of surprised. It turns out, he is also into fishing, knows Pete, and learned of Matoaka Cottages from this blog, and likes to bring his family down here from well up north.

Thanks for the feedback, Dave! It's nice to get some!

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