Wednesday, September 16, 2020

9/16/20 Beach Report

Skye was only a little upset by not getting her beach walk yesterday due to my fishing trip, and was more than happy to go today. Georgia, Gabby and I accompanied her down to the beach, Georgia and Gabby turned back and Skye and I went on down the beach. Great weather, partly cloudy, in the low 70s and very still. The atmosphere up high is slightly hazy from smoke from the western fires.
Funny thing. Yesterday I got a email from my bird watching friend, who asked me to contact Secretary of the Audubon MD/DC Records Committee, and fill him in on when I first and last saw the Great White Heron. I did, but I said I wouldn't be shocked if it were back again. And sure enough, once we got down to Calvert Beach, there it was. So I sent them both pictures.
I managed 16 shark's teeth and a crab claw, 

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