Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Oregon, My Oregon - Antifa Chick Bawls Upon Being Busted

Watch: Antifa militant breaks down in hysterical sobs as Portland police arrest her for rioting
Her name is Natalie Van Norman. She’s only 19. And she’s apparently a self-declared Antifa militant… who sobbed like a baby when police arrested her in the riots this weekend.

For a moment during the arrest, she looked like a scared little girl, and not one of the Antifa fighters who are out to destroy democracy.
Any help from “the man” will destroy the purity of her hatred of them.

Rivulets of blood fell down her face, around her nose and lips, staining her teeth and mask that she wore under her chin. Her eyes were covered with blue swimming googles, that also fastened down her curly hair. She was caught.

Of course fellow protestors blamed the cops.
How are you gonna end racism and stuff if you cry when you get arrested?

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