Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Russiagate, Late But Not Forgotten

 Late because of an internet outage:

'Streif' is a writer at Red State who has appeared regularly on Russiagate, and is clearly a knowledgeable fellow, even if we didn't know his background. Now Stacy McCain reports ‘Streiff’ Doxxed and Dooced:

Back in the misty dawn of blogging, to be dooced meant losing your day job because of something you wrote on your blog. Now it has happened to Red State managing editor “Streiff” who, we unfortunately learn, has been working for more than a decade as a public-affairs official for the National Institutes of Health. He has reportedly retired after being doxxed by Lachlan Markay of the Daily Beast. On the one hand, this is bad news — almost certainly, Streiff was making six figures at this job — but on the other hand, it’s good that he had enough time in to retire, because his prior Army service counted toward his retirement.

How did Streiff get busted? A hint from the Washington Post:
According to his biography on RedState’s website, the user “streiff” has been a member of the publication’s community since its founding in 2004. In 2018, the website laid off a number of writers, including its editors Caleb Howe and Jay Caruso. At the time, the company insisted the move was financial, although the former writers and their allies pointed out that several of those laid off were the most vocal Trump critics writing for
Probably it was one of the disgruntled former Red Staters who decided to strike back by tipping Markay to Streiff’s identity. However, it must be noted, there was sufficient visible evidence to corroborate the ID, demonstrating once again how difficult it is to conceal any online alias.

As bad as this is for Streiff and Red State, it will probably have few substantial ramifications beyond that — a one-day story of little interest to anyone outside the world of political media.

Be careful out there, kids. The Internet can be a dangerous playground.

Some via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.22.20 (Afternoon Edition).  The Geller Report: FBI Agent Who Found Hillary Emails On Weiner’s Laptop Says Bosses Told Him To Erase Findings and Legal Insurrection: Pelosi Leaves Open Impeaching Trump Over SCOTUS Pick,

Weasel Zippers, Did H.R. McMaster Just Out The ‘Deep State?’

Alex Nitzberg at JTN, FISA court rules it is 'not empowered by Congress' to release attorney misconduct files. Unfortunate, but probably fair.
The FISC's Chief Judge, James E. Boasberg, this month dismissed a May 2019 motion filed by investigative journalist and Just the News founder John Solomon and the Southeastern Legal Foundation seeking the publication of records pertaining "to attorney misconduct or discipline in certain matters."

The document points to a decision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review (FISCR) to explain the reason for the decision to dismiss the motion due to a lack of jurisdiction.

"Like the FISCR, the FISC is not empowered by Congress to consider constitutional claims generally, First Amendment claims specifically, or freestanding motions filed by persons who are not authorized by FISA to invoke this court's jurisdiction," Boasberg ruled.

Barr flips off the House Democrats, Da Blaze,  DOJ denies House Dems' request for officials to testify citing  treatment of AG Barr in prior hearing

Thomas Lifson at AmGreat, Will the Dems be stupid enough to impeach Trump over carrying out his constitutional duties and appointing a justice?. Probably, but from David Marcus at Da Fed, Max Rose Voted To Impeach Trump, Now He Promotes Him. Hypocrisy in a politician? Why would I expect less.

Jeff Landry at NYPo, Tish James’ endless anti-Trump suits betray the AG’s mission. We saw how Andy Weissman was all about getting Trump, again, why should this surprise us.

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