Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Post-Fishing Russiagate

Having a tough time getting started this morning. My hands are torn up from "bass and redfish thumb" and miscellaneous cuts and scrapes, and all my muscles are sore from fighting the rocking boat and the redfish. And my wife has only slight sympathy.  

So OK, where were we? Ace makes an interesting point regarding Peter Strzok's self-licking ice cream: When Peter Stzrok Proposed the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation To Attack Trump, His Proposal Was Approved By an Interesting Superior: Peter Strzok Himself.

This sounds a lot like a higher-up saying, "I don't want my name attached to it. Sign the approval yourself." . . . Well, yeah. The whole point of requiring approval is to get a second opinion saying "Yes" to a probe, from a higher-up. Instead, Peter Strzok got a second opinion from himself. And that opinion was: "I really hate Trump and really want to impress my Lanky Beaver sidepiece."

'Adam Mill' at AmGreat, Strzok Interviews Reveal FBI’s Disgrace

Nothing is more sleazy and corrupt than a current or former FBI agent implicitly claiming to have access to secret evidence of a target’s guilt when the time to produce such evidence has long since passed.

Imagine that you’ve just weathered four years of an FBI investigation during which the press consistently published character-assassinating falsehoods attributed to “people familiar with the investigation.” Your enemies, who personally hate you, launch the investigative team with unlimited manpower and money and staff it with political opponents. Federal agents entrap your allies in process crimes, coerce a plea by threatening a man’s family, repeatedly deceive a court to conduct intrusive surveillance, steal thousands of emails without a warrant, and deliberately prolong the investigation despite knowing from day one that you are innocent.

When the day finally comes for the persecutors either to put up or shut up, they do neither, publishing a slanted report full of smears without ever giving you the chance to rebut the charges in court.

Brian C. Joondeph at AmThink Carter Page’s Camel Nose Under the Trump Tent

Carter Page was not the idiot the media portrayed him to be. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in the top 10 percent of his class, unlike John McCain who graduated solidly in the bottom 10 percent of his class. Page also has a master’s degree from Georgetown and a PhD from SOAS in London. He worked as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch in London, Moscow, and New York.

The Moscow connection was part of the camel’s nose. The bogus Steele dossier alleged that Page met with Russian energy officials and others in Putin’s orbit. As Page worked as an advisor for the Trump campaign, this made him a Russian agent in the eyes of the CIA and FBI.

Ignored was the fact that Page actually worked with the CIA for decades, but his claims were dismissed by the media as rantings from a bumbling fool. The CIA provided documents to the FBI Crossfire Hurricane team that Page was an “operational contact” for the CIA. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith changed the email from Page “is” working for the CIA to he “is not.” This kept the FISA warrants alive and the camel’s nose firmly under the Trump administration tent.

How did the FBI first get their nose under the Trump tent? They used a FISA Title I warrant, reserved for an “agent of a foreign power” who is “knowingly engaging in clandestine intelligence activities.” Yet they knew he was not a Russian spy as he was a CIA asset. If he was a spy, he should have been arrested and imprisoned. Instead he is on Twitter and Fox News.

Why was the FISA warrant so important? Remember this warrant was requested on Oct. 21, 2016, while the campaign was in its last critical weeks. It was then renewed three times, twice while Trump was president. This type of warrant allowed 2-hop spying, meaning the FBI could spy on Page’s contacts in the Trump campaign, both past and present, even though Page was no longer with the campaign at the time of the initial warrant as the warrant is retroactive.

The first hop was Page’s direct contacts – Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowsky, Sam Clovis, Stephen Miller, and Hope Hicks. But the second hop was their contacts, meaning everyone else in the Trump campaign and family. The Obama/Comey FBI could now read emails, texts, and calls to or from everyone in the Trump campaign. While Trump Tower was not literally wiretapped, it was actually worse with all communications of the campaign, past and present, available to Obama, his FBI and DOJ, and almost certainly the Clinton campaign.

Neat trick, although illegal.

Sundance at CTH, Jim Jordan Discusses Senate Homeland Security Committee Effort to Subpoena Key “Spygate” Officials…


The Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf appeared on Special Report with Bret Baier to talk about the agency’s activities to commemorate 9/11. Because the new complaint was in the news cycle and was against himself and the DHS leadership team, Baier asked Wolf to address specific allegations against him:
“In mid-May 2020, Mr. Wolf instructed Mr. Murphy to cease providing intelligence assessments on the threat of Russian interference in the United States, and instead start reporting on interference activities by China and Iran. Mr. Wolf stated that these instructions originated from the White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.”
The allegations went on to state that Wolfe instructed Murphy to hold a report because it made the president look bad. Does this all sound a little too perfect for you? Maybe a bit strange since the July 31st briefing to the full Congress contained information on Russia? It sounded more than a little off to Secretary Wolf.

He called the account a complete fabrication. He said there had been over forty briefings to Congress, including three in August regarding Russian interference in our elections. He added he has talked about the topics in media appearances and congressional testimony. Wolf said the issue was even covered during his recent State of the Homeland Security address.

And Adam's old whistleblower? Chuck Ross at Da Caller reports Key Impeachment Witness Says He Is ‘Absolutely’ A ‘Never Trumper’

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in the Trump impeachment probe, said in an interview airing Monday that he is “absolutely” a so-called “Never Trumper.”

“I think as the president’s attacked and politicized me directly, in taking a very sober view of where this president is taking this country, the divisions, the catering to our adversaries, the undermining of national security interests, that I am absolutely a Never Trumper,” Vindman said in an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt.

Strike at the king. . . 

Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, DOJ opens criminal inquiry into John Bolton book and Chuck Ross at Da Caller, DOJ Opens Criminal Investigation Into John Bolton’s Book. He seems to think he's too important to go through the full vetting process.

Breitbart, Report: State Memos Confirm Obama-Biden Admin Knew Burisma Was Corrupt While Hunter Served on Board.  NYPo, New evidence makes Hunter Biden’s ‘business’ deals reek worse than ever. The Democrats are hoping the voters have gone "noseblind" They might be right.

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