Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A Wednesday Waste

 ‘It’s all about drugs and money:’ Porn star charged with murder has long rap sheet and ‘rapist’ boyfriend
Chilling news details have emerged about the alleged murder of an Alabama man by porn star Aubrey Gold and two others, including a report that the murder victim had told his ex-wife he had gotten mixed up with a bad lot and that one of the murderers — Gold’s boyfriend — had raped the dead man’s roommate, the Daily Mail reports.

Aubrey Gold, 23 (NSFW link), whose real name is Lauren Wambles, starred in 31 porn films between 2015 and 2018, including such titles as “Moms in Control 9” and “Step Siblings Caught.” She has a lengthy rap sheet involving numerous drugs-related offenses.

She was arrested last week along with her boyfriend, Shane Parker, 35, and Jeremie Odell Peters, 43. Between them they face murder and accessory charges in connection with the death of 51-year-old Raul Ambriz Guillen in early July. New reports suggest that the murder was driven by a mess of drugs and money.

Hailing from Gordon, Alabama, Guillen was reported missing by his daughter, Rosa Ambriz, around July 4. He was last seen at Peters’ home in Graceville, Florida. The three murder suspects were reportedly all present in the home at the time. Ambriz told the Dothan Eagle earlier this month that she and her mother knew Guillen “was in danger.”

“My father called my mother, his ex-wife, the day before he went missing and told my mother he was with people he believed to be dangerous, and he needed to get out of the situation,” Ambriz said. Porn star Aubrey Gold and her boyfriend are charged with murder after 51-year-old man’s body is found buried in a shallow grave

“He asked my mother for money, but she had just moved, and her mind was focused on other things at the time,” Ambriz continued about what transpired in advance of her father’s alleged murder at the hands of porn star Aubrey Gold, Parker and Peters. “She just told my father he needed to get out of the situation he might be in for his safety.”

The complex, multi-county, two state investigation that would lead to the murder charges began as a rape case after a woman who was roommates with Guillen came forward and reported to the Jackson County, Alabama, sheriff’s office that Parker had raped her in May, WTVY reports.

The woman later stated to the police that she believed that Guillen had been murdered, although she had no confirmation of this at the time.
A friend will help you move; a good friend will help you move bodies. This woman needed better friends.

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