Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Back to the Beach

Actually, Skye and I went down late yesterday afternoon after we bailed her out of Lorry's dog spa, but the weather was gray and dreary, and I didn't record it. However, I did see a perfect steal of a fish from an Osprey by a Bald Eagle.
Today was bright and sunny, cool and breezy. Fossil hunting was awful, a single small tooth. But I did get to watch an adult eagle try, unsuccessfully, to steal a fish from a juvenile.

The Ospreys are out in great numbers, trying to fatten up for their soon-to-be journey south, while avoiding, if possible, being robbed by the eagles.
 A crab pot dragged ashore.
A Cloudless Sulphur in Goldenrod by the dunes. I also saw a relatively uncommon Mourning Cloak up in the Kudzu, but it was gone by the time I got my phone up.

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