Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Are You a Paddler?

If so, here are some ideas: Paddle the Susquehanna with New Guide Website:
There’s a new resource for boaters who want to explore the Susquehanna River, but may not know where to start. After all, it’s the longest river on the East Coast.

The National Park Service Chesapeake Bay Office and Chesapeake Conservancy have just launched a new website, www.PaddletheSusquehanna.com, to give people launch information, water trails, and trip itineraries in all four regions of the Bay’s largest tributary. New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland paddlers can all find out where to go and how to enjoy the river on the North Branch, West Branch, Middle, and Lower sections. Ongoing blog posts on the site highlight specific places, activities, and personal first-hand experiences.

PaddletheSusquehanna.com is the latest in a series of companion websites to www.FindYourChesapeake.com, a Bay Bulletin partner which offers “authentic Chesapeake experiences and over 350 special places around the region,” for tourists and Bay dwellers alike. Other “Paddle” companion sites include www.PaddletheChester.com, www.PaddlethePotomac.com and www.PaddletheSassafras.com, to link paddlers to the waterways throughout the Bay region.
I looked at the Potomac site (a river I've spent some amount of time on through the years), and found it interesting. Now they need to add the Patuxent.

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