Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fall Falls at the Beach

Some pictures from the last four days, not necessarily in order.

The Ospreys are still around, but it seems fewer every day.
And a few butterflies; this is a Cloudless Sulphur on some Jewel Weed, a native species of Impatiens.
 The local herd is still wandering the roads

Georgia lets Skye get a cool drink in the stream between Calvert Cliffs and Matoaka Cottages.

Yesterday, a film crew was at Matoaka, filming a fantasy sequence. They told me what it was, but I forgot what it was called.
Today, a boat load of Coasties came into the harbor. I wonder what they were after. I hope they weren't low on gas. Nobody there to sell them any.
A Cormorant (Double Crested?), suns on a rock in the south jetty.

We weren't the only people on the beach, but almost.

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