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Russiagate, Ugh

We had early breakfast out this morning, and I don't have the time or patience to do right by the number of links I've collected over a mere 24 hours or so, but I have broken it down into general subject areas, if that helps. But I'll start off with one from Stacy McCain: Why the Ukrainian ‘Nothingburger’?
The release today of the so-called “whistleblower” complaint alleging wrongdoing by President Trump was a deluxe nothingburger with a side order of fantasy fries. Coming after the Trump administration released a transcript of Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, we read through the complaint and learn . . . nothing.

That is, we learn nothing tangible that implicates Trump in wrongdoing, since the source of the complaint is passing along hearsay. Reported to be a CIA official, the whistleblower actually had no direct knowledge of the Trump-Zelensky conversation, and former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz suggests that House Democrat staffers assisted in writing the complaint:
. . . 
The provenance of this complaint is suspicious, and it appears that Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff knew key details of it in August.

(Many supporting tweets skipped over)

This has “Deep State” fingerprints all over — partisan bureaucrats acting to undermine the administration’s policy goals. If such activity is permitted, then no matter who is elected president, the same policies (i.e., those preferred by the bureaucracy) will continue. Elections become meaningless, Americans who want a change in policy are left with no effective recourse, and it becomes impossible to enact real reform.

If we can assume, then, that this CIA whistleblower was acting in concert with Schiff and/or other House Democrat, what was their purpose? Was this nothingburger of a “scandal” just another wild episode partisanship run amok? Or was there a strategic purpose to this Ukraine episode?
On the matter of the Whistleblower complaint:

BREAKING: Whistleblower Complaint Has Been Released and It's Another Nothingburger | Trending

Whistleblower is said to allege concerns about White House handling of Ukraine call - Hot AirBreaking: Whistleblower complaint released

BOMBSHELL: Intel Inspector General Found Whistleblower Had ‘Bias’ In Favor Of ‘Rival Candidate’ Of Trump, Report Says | The Daily Wire

Declassified Whisteblower Complaint

Ace of Spades HQ OMG, Is This the "Whistleblower"? Update: A Source Says, "Nah Brah"

Good Grief! NY Times reveals whistleblower is CIA and readers are furious

Trump on the whistleblower's sources: In the old days, this country knew how to deal with spies

JustOneMinute: Today Is The Whistleblower Complaint Day

The "Whistleblower Complaint" isn't a whistleblower complaint, it's a closing argument

Doug Ross @ Journal: THE SCHIFF DOSSIER: Which is a Better Description of This Error-Filled "Whistleblower" Report

On the previous day's main event, the transcript of Trump's call with President ZZ Top:

Justice Department clears Trump of wrongdoing on Ukraine call - Washington Times

DOJ Clears Trump in Call With Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Democrats Melt over Transcript: Trump Is a 'Cheat,' 'Un-American'

Dems Bet It All on a Telephone Call Transcript | Frontpagemag

DOH! Did You Know There's a Treaty Between the USA & Ukraine Regarding Cooperation For Prosecuting Crimes? -

State of Delusion: Democrats Privately Panic Following Transcript Fallout

Phone call showed only a slice of Trump’s obsession with Ukraine - Hot Air

Bombshells But No Wrongdoing In Trump Phone Conversation with Ukraine's President - Bookworm Room

White House emails talking points on Trump’s Ukraine call — to the Democrats

Tristan Justice on Twitter: "The front page of the @washingtonpost tomorrow with a stunning

omission of key parts of the transcript that would show the headline to be demonstrably misleading, literally cutting up the text to fit the media’s false narrative.…"

Andrew Clark on Twitter: "CNN just skipped right over it on air earlier this afternoon.… "
Althouse: The art of the paraphrase.

On Ukraine and Bidengate:

Mitt Romney adviser sits on Burisma board of directors

Flashback: Joe Biden Got Angry When Obama Campaign Vetted Hunter Biden

Trump on Joe Biden: 'If You're a Democrat, You Have Automatic Protection'

Peter Schweizer: Biden Ukraine dealings – 7 essential facts | Fox News

Is Pelosi's Trump Impeachment Really Targeted at Joe Biden?

Politico: Say, here's another instance of Biden Inc selling influence

US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election | TheHillMedia will eat itself, Ukraine edition

‘Ukraine-Gate’ Is About the Russian Hack That Wasn’t – American Greatness

When Hillary Clinton Colluded with Ukraine

How the Ukraine Ended Up at the Center of American Politics | Frontpagemag

Hypocrites: Senate Dems Sent Letter Pressuring Ukraine To Investigate Trump In May 2018Rudy Giuliani’s amateur diplomacy - Hot Air

EBL: What Is CrowdStrike? 🌩️🤔🤯

Sean Davis on Twitter: "Adam Schiff was tweeting out allegations from the rumor-mongering anti-Trump leaker's complaint while claiming that he didn't have access to the complaint. The complaint was addressed to Schiff on August 12, 2019. This tweet is from August 28, 2019."

Fresh Impeachment Follies: 

Goodwin: Nancy Pelosi will regret rushing into impeachment push

WATCH: Pelosi’s Words About Impeachment In 1998 Come Back To Haunt Her | The Daily Wire

Comey: On second thought, maybe Trump should be impeached

Republican "insider": Dam may start to break among GOP on impeachment if there's evidence of a Trump quid pro quo with Ukraine

Democrats Worry Rudy Giuliani Would Send Trump Impeachment Hearing Off the Rails

Democrats ‘Careening from Impeachment Theory to Impeachment Theory’ : The Other McCain

The Impeachment Fervor Isn't Going Anywhere | National Review

Impeachment Just Another Means For Democrats To Rip The Country Apart – Issues & Insights

Mark Levin: Impeachment Is 'an Attack on Us,' 'Our Constitutional System'

Trump Team bets impeachment will backfire on Democrats - Hot Air

Althouse: "Trump’s getting impeached? I defy you to convince anyone at this cursed truck stop."

Miscellaneous Russiagate:

The Nothingburger of Nothingburgerton « Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog

James Taranto on Twitter: "You can't make this stuff up. He says Trump is worse than Nixon BECAUSE NIXON STONEWALLED.… "

A Detailed Account of America’s Greatest Political Scandal – American Greatness

Ace of Spades HQ Tucker Carlson: Why Is Shep Smith Pretending His Obviously-Partisan Emotional Spasms Are Objective "News"? Why Doesn't He Just Admit He's a Partisan Democrat, As Rachel Maddow Forthrightly Does?

Pollak: 5 Times Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano Said Trump Committed a Crime -- And Was Wrong | Breitbart

By overplaying his hand, Trump may have doomed the imperial presidency - Hot Air

Althouse: "Dems hold Trump to double standard – What was OK for Obama isn’t OK for Trump."

Andrew McCarthy: Dems hold Trump to double standard – What was OK for Obama isn’t OK for Trump | Fox News

What superpower does Trump have? – The New Neo

Other Major Lists located at:

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