Friday, September 20, 2019

A Day at the Beach

We left for the beach around 11. It's gorgeous weather here, low to mid 70's, dry, clear, and not windy.

Here a couple of Variegated Fritillarys try to insure survival of the species.
 An Osprey on a dead branch overhanging the marina. They're quite active now. We're probably seeing this year's young in addition to the parents. They all look about the same.

 Don't step on the jellyfish! You'll slip. We both did a couple of times. This one is the Chesapeake Bay Sea Nettle. There were large numbers of them washed up, along with . . .
Mnemiopsis leidyi, the "Sea Walnut". A comb jelly, and not strictly a jellyfish.  Sea Nettles eat these. Comb jellys do not sting, but they do biolumensce. Native to the Chesapeake Bay, they are a damaging invasive in the Black Sea. We'd be happy to sell the Sea Nettles. . .
 Osprey with fish
 The eagles were out an about, too, but my camera finger was too slow to get a decent shot.
And what trip is complete without the Great Blue Heron?

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