Sunday, September 29, 2019

Russiagate . . .

 . . . has gotten out of hand, and I'm starting each morning smothered with links. Gonna try something a little different this morning. A short introductory rumination on the set of links for each of a few subheadings.

We're still fighting about the whistle blower, who he/she is, how she ended up writing such lawyerly complaint (was it actually written by, oh say, Adam Schiff and his staff), and just how the rules got changed at the last minute to allow hearsay, of second hand evidence, into the whistler blower complaint. Finally, the democrats and media (I apologize for the redundancy), have tried to make an issue out of the administration putting the record of the conversation between Trump and ZZ Top in a secure location, where it might have been harder to leak.

Stephen McIntyre on Twitter: "Here is something seriously strange. The Disclosure of Urgent Concern Form located earlier today at DNI is only two days old according to its pdf properties." / Twitter. And yes, it's the Climategate Steven MacIntyre
PJ Media – Whistleblower Requirements Recently Amended to Allow Only Hearsay
The New Neo – Conveniently changing the rules: blowing that second-hand whistle, hard
Stu Cvrk at Red State – Who is the Ukraine Leaker/Whistleblower, Part II
The Washington Post  – Amateur pro-Trump ‘sleuths’ scramble to unmask whistleblower: ‘Your president has asked for your help’ 
Karen Twownsend at  Hot Air – Was the whistleblower's complaint revenge for Ukraine ambassador's dismissal?
The Rush Limbaugh Show – There Is No Whistleblower, Just a Leaker! We're in the Midst of a Cold Civil War
Althouse – What did Schumer mean when he threatened Trump about the CIA’s ways to get back at him?
Mark Levin – CIA whistleblower complaint looks like new 'leak and coup campaign' against Trump
CNNPolitics –White House restricted access to Trump's calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince
The Federalist – Susan Rice: Obama Put Call Transcripts On Top Secret Server, Too

Biden and the Ukraine saga. Sadly, whatever Hunter and Joe Biden did in Ukraine is almost certainly legal, under modest assumptions about what is legal (there are so many laws, it's really rather hard to be sure), which does not mean that it was a good idea, and didn't have some corrupt intent behind it.

Impeachment. What can I say? It's apparent the Red Queens Democrats in the house fully intend to impeach Trump, regardless of the facts. 

Dems' impeachment frenzy is the prelude to the coming time bombs about to explode in their faces
House Republican Mark Amodei backs inquiry but not impeachment - POLITICO
Amid the political frenzy, eight keys to the coming Trump impeachment fight
‘C’mon already’! CNN’s Jake Tapper says Trump’s impeachment defense includes Fox News and an ‘army of trolls’ (and people have thoughts) –
Across a divided nation, skepticism about impeachment - The Washington Post
Tlaib campaign starts selling "impeach the mf" t-shirts - Hot Air
You Want Impeachment? Find A Quid To Go With The Pro Quo – JONATHAN TURLEY
If You Liked the Mueller Investigation, You’ll Love Impeachment | Frontpagemag
Jim Jordan and Chip Roy Discuss Pelosi Rush to Complete Articles of Impeachment… | The Last Refuge
Harris Asked Nadler to Open Kavanaugh Impeachment Inquiry - Washington Free Beacon
Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow: Go Ahead and Take The Impeachment Vote…. | The Last Refuge
Pelosi’s House Rule Changes are Key Part of “Articles of Impeachment”, Being Drafted Over Next Two Weeks… | The Last Refuge
Jon Voight: Impeachment Effort Against Trump Is 'War Against Truths'
Ari Fleischer: Dem drive to impeach Trump over Ukraine call is hysterical, hyperbolic and hypocritical | Fox News
Mickey Kaus on Twitter: "But for Democrats (and NeverTrumpers) it’s not enough to beat Trump in an election. The Great Humiliation of 2016 must be declared invalid, annulled, expunged, vaporized, memory-holed. Mere election won’t do that. (last item)"
How Mitch McConnell could give impeachment the Merrick Garland treatment - POLITICO
Senate Republicans are never going to turn on Trump
Republicans show signs of discomfort in defense of Trump | TheHill
Democrats say White House stonewalling won't drag out inquiry and will boost case for impeachment - CNNPolitics
Steve Scalise on Twitter: "Pelosi bypassed the official vote that's typically required to start an impeachment inquiry. Schiff read a made-up transcript in a hearing. Now they've recessed the House for 2 WEEKS. This isn't a serious, fact-based process. It's a reckless scheme to attack @realDonaldTrump.…"
Dem drive to impeach Trump over Ukraine call is hysterical, hyperbolic, and hypocritical - Hot Air

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