Monday, September 2, 2019

Russiagate, A Last Gasp?

This may be the last major Russiagate post for a while. We're going out of town, and blogging from a ship on an IPad may be a little difficult. But I'll try to highlight any major developments.

From the "banned on Facebook" Epoch Times, Jeff Carlson provides Highlights From the IG’s Report on Former FBI Director James Comey. Nothing you haven't seen here before, similarly Byron York at WaEx explains exactly how Yes, Comey did leak classified information. At De Fed, Margot Cleveland writes how Inspector General Rebukes James Comey For Putting Himself Above The Nation, and  Mark Levin also explains in detail how ‘If it wasn’t Jim Comey … they’d be going to prison’

At Da Caller, Congressman Louis Gohmert points out how the  Inspector General Glosses Over Some Ugly Truths About The FBI. An interesting story of just who handled the classification of Comey's memos. Would you guess Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? They don't call it "the Small Group" for nothing.
It appears that the main reason Horowitz concludes former FBI Director James Comey only violated his FBI Employment Agreement and DOJ/FBI “policies” was because the documents he kept, disclosed, and leaked to improper parties were not considered truly classified. That apparently keeps them from being serious enough to prosecute. So, who made the decision that they were not classified? The answer would be outrageous if it were not virtually farcical.

In the early pages of the report, Horowitz repeatedly tells us that “the FBI reviewed,” “the FBI designated,” and “the FBI determined” (four times on page 2 alone) that these memos or documents “did not contain classified information.” Who was making these critical determinations at “the FBI” that helped save Comey? You would have to flip over forty pages further into the report to get to that information.

Horowitz tells us at page 42 and 43 that there were four people involved in that review and decisions, but the two of those four who were most experienced in making those determinations were named Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. If you will recall Horowitz, in his previous report, found basically hundreds of pages to document appalling bias against Trump, as well as monstrous love for and desire to see Hillary Clinton elected president.
From Da Hill, Giuliani claims Comey tried to 'frame' Trump after IG report
"In a case involving the President of the United States, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that what Comey was trying to do was to frame Trump," Giuliani said on John Catsimatidis’s radio show that aired Sunday. "Law enforcement officers that frame people ... they're horrid."
From the Right Scoop, Trey Gowdy RIPS INTO Comey, says he’ll apologize ‘WHEN IT SNOWS IN HELL’

Jed Babbin at AmSpec explains  The Comey-Brennan Conspiracy to Violate Trump’s Civil Rights "It could get them an additional five years." Additional? The question is whether or not they'll ever face a reckoning over all this.

Susan Jones at CNS News, Reaction: 'I Wouldn't Say James Comey Is Out of the Woods'; 'This Is Just the Beginning'

Jerry Dunleavy, WaEx, GOP Judiciary member predicts Horowitz FISA report will lead to indictments. I'd like to be that optimistic, but the DOJ is extremely reluctant to prosecute its own.

At Stilton's Place, Comey-tose
James Comey has been found guilty of violating FBI policy, violating his terms of employment, misuse of confidential official records, and violating pretty much every standard of professional ethics known to man.

So of course, the lanky sumbitch is apparently not going to be charged with anything because, as Jeffrey Epstein so recently reminded us, it pays to be on Hillary's good side. Or, considering what Comey spent much of his career covering, her backside...
At AmGreat, Michael Thau is not optimistic, What the Justice Department’s Decision Not to Prosecute Comey Tells Us
This bit about Comey remaining in legal jeopardy is no doubt the Justice Department’s way of quelling preemptively any outrage at its failure to go after Comey for the leaking. Breath-holding, however, is not advised. The department’s reaction to the inspector general’s report makes it almost impossible to believe that officials have any serious idea of prosecuting anyone involved in this story.

After all, Justice officials didn’t just ignore the inspector general’s straightforward account of how he broke the law. They publicly announced their disinclination through John Solomon’s sources even before Horowitz’s report was published. And prosecutors who have an eye toward making someone pay for their crimes don’t let the culprit or the rest of the world know he’s safe from any potential charges.
Similarly, Peggy Right at AmThink, The Deep State Will Face Justice Soon! Right?
That's the scam our government is running on the American people today, a ruse to tamp down expectations of justice. We all know that the FBI used an unverifiable document, the Steele dossier, to get a warrant to spy on Trump using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). This dossier was used to start a counterintelligence operation to plant spies in Trump's campaign, to get a special counsel to impeach the president.

We're repeatedly told by reliable sources that these crimes won't go unpunished — "justice is coming," "buckle up!," "tick tock," "BOOM!" The DOJ is about to drop the hammer on the bad guys. Yet after two years of this drama, not a single indictment or prosecution

Now we're awaiting the much anticipated I.G. report on (FISA) abuse that's going to blow Spygate wide open. Or not.

So far, the I.G. is batting zero on justice. The I.G. report on Hillary Clinton's email investigation showed pervasive bias for Hillary, talk of an insurance policy should she lose, that Hillary should win "100 million to 0." Yet in the end, Horowitz pulled a Comey, said the investigators' hatred for Donald Trump, their loyalty to Hillary Clinton, didn't impact their findings in any way. Huh?
And,  Why Is The FBI Obstructing The Release Of James Comey’s Memos? ("Adam Mill", Da Fed). It's what they do. They would rather have the Russians know what they do than have the public be aware. Shockingly, I know, the New York Times is all in for Comey, 
As the former Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller put it, the report “basically faulted Comey for speeding on his way to tell the village that a fire was coming.”
Except that he phoned in a fake fire first.

At WaEx, John Brennan warns Trump that his 'protective cocoon' is 'temporary' while at BPR, Clapper says Comey violated ‘procedures and protocols of FBI,’ then the giant ‘but’
And the excuse here was that Comey “did what he thought was the right thing.” This suggests that Clapper believes America’s intelligence officials may do whatever the heck they want, so long as they believe they’re in the right. In other words, the ends justify the means:
And a pair of articles on the efforts of Michael Flynn's attorneys to cast doubts on the prosecution by the Mueller team. First, from streiff at  Red State, General Flynn’s New Attorney Accuses Mueller’s Team Of Misconduct And The New York Times Suffers Fecal Incontinence and then from Adam Mill at AmGreat, A Chance at Exoneration for Michael Flynn? It wouldn't be the first time a judge set aside one of Andrew Weissman's special persecutions.

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