Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rule 5 Saturday - Defiance Women

This week's "Rule 5" post is dedicated to the women of the new SciFi show "Defiance".  Most of show takes place in a post alien  invasion St. Louis, a town renamed "Defiance" after humans and aliens band together in the remains of the town to live together in a wild west type environment.  The aliens, of several different races collectively called "Votans," or rather their space ships, reterraformed Earth more to their liking, not knowing of its previous inhabitants, before stranding to Votans on the planet with the remaining humans.  The plot is a little hokey, but they do have some good girls. And by good, I mean bad.

Stephanie Leonidas plays the part of the somewhat exotic, and extremely knife happy "Irathient" Irisa with the pron-star red hair, an orphan who has been raised by the the shoot-em up sheriff Joshua Nolan, all purpose warrior, played by Grant Bowler.

The town's new human mayor, Amanda Rosewater, is played by Julie Benz, a Buffy graduate, and numerous other roles.  By virtue of playing a human, I'm sure she's spared hours of makeup.  And she gets to wear the cool pleather pseudo-western clothes, too. 

Next up is the Johnny Winter like  "Castithan" Statha Tarra, wife of one of the towns major civic leaders, who also runs the local mob, as well as leads his own racial group.  Sly and seductive, Statha is played by Jaime Murray, who has the dubious honor of having a second shot at a SciFi Rule 5 post fame, her first having been in one on the girls of Warehouse 13.

Finally, we have the Miss Kitty of Defiance, Kenya Rosewater, played by Mia Kirshner. For those too young to remember, Miss Kitty ran the Long Branch Saloon and brothel, although they never exactly said so, in Marshall Matt Dillon's "Gunsmoke."  Kenya was last seen dry humping some guy with an alien monster erupting from his chest.

More pictures of the Girls of Defiance below the jump

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