Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Fishing Report

With the wind finally having died to an acceptable level, I called Trevor away from his Memorial Day Barbeque for some fishing.

We tried a little out in the channel where  a few boats were trolling, but despite a good number of marks on the bottom, there were no fish biting. So we headed off to the usual "Location X"
We tried a few thing there.  We had a few bites, but no hook ups jigging at the bottom of the discharge, and then we tried some top, using popping plugs of various sorts.  We ended up under this Osprey nest, where the male took off and circled anxiously, while the female stayed to ward us off should we invade (and clucked madly at us). 
It turned out to be the hot area of the day.  You can see the crane the Osprey nest is on in the back right of this shot.  Around 6 PM the fishing turned on, and I got this first 20 inch fish (after it swung and missed at Trevor's lure).
But Trevor countered with this 25 inch fish, that was slightly the worse for wear (we don't know what happened to it's tail; it looked like it was attacked by something).  By 7 PM the fishing was practically hot, we quickly caught our remaining 2 fish over 18 inches and headed home.

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