Sunday, April 29, 2012

To Relieve the Lack of Japanese Weirdness

I give you  COOKIE!

UPDATE: I just ran across this Doug Douhat article on the Japanese culture, and how it's being affected by their demographic trends:
These trends are forging a society that sometimes evokes the infertile Britain in James’s dystopia. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the developed world, and there were rashes of Internet-enabled group suicides in the last decade. Rental “relatives” are available for sparsely attended wedding parties; so-called “babyloids” — furry dolls that mimic infant sounds — are being developed for lonely seniors; and Japanese researchers are at the forefront of efforts to build robots that resemble human babies. The younger generation includes millions of so-called “parasite singles” who still live with (and off) their parents, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of the “hikikomori” — “young adults,” Eberstadt writes, “who shut themselves off almost entirely by retreating into a friendless life of video games, the Internet and manga (comics) in their parents’ home.”
Over at The Other McCain, Wombat Socho's Rule 5 Sunday done come on Monday this week.

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  1. Girls Generation is a korean group , not japanese