Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yes, We Really Did Walk Today

The posts are a little out of order.   We did walk this morning, and I did go fishing in the afternoon.  I wanted to play with the IPad posting a little more, and the fishing post was much smaller and easier.

As I noted earlier, today was gray and cool, with occasional showers.  However we walked before the showers started
 A pretty unremarkable walk, really.  The tide was high and we had to walk around the narrow spot (from which you can see Skye coming). We found a few fossils (13 sharks teeth, a couple of ray plates) and some beach glass.
 This guy was plugging for stripers (or blues I guess, although I don't think they're here yet), off the jetty at Matoaka Cottages.   He didn't catch anything while I was watching.
The tree du jour, the Black Locust, is flowering in abundance these days.  A member of the legume family, it has abundant clusters (racemes really) of creamy white, delicately scented flowers).  The dense, hard wood is prized for fence posts, allegedly because it is highly rot resistant.  Good quality wood is highly prized for furniture, but rarely found because of boring insects.  It is also a popular firewood tree.
Flowers from the Black Locust.  In summer, the Black Locusts around here are attacked by a leaf borer which causes them to turn brown, and look bad,  but they do come back, at least most of them.

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