Monday, April 23, 2012

Snakeheads: Wanted Dead or Alive, but Mostly Dead

This is old news here, of course, but the video this Richmond Virginia TV station put out is too classic to pass up.  Hold out for the end and the ditzy blonde news reader: 
They’re big, have sharp fangs, and can even walk on land. If you’re brave enough to hunt down snakehead fish, Maryland wants to pay you.

Snakehead fish are becoming a big problem in the mid-Atlantic region. The invasive species is originally from Asia. Since being introduced to the US they’ve ravaged river ecosystems, devouring hordes of fish and reproducing quickly.

You can find them in Maryland and portions of Virginia. To curb the population Maryland is rewarding people that catch them within the Chesapeake Bay watershed by entering them in contests to win fishing-related prizes,such as gift certificates to Bass Pro Shops.

To enter, an angler should submit catch details and a photo of their dead snakehead online through the DNR Angler’s log, a popular social fishing site.

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