Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Secret Service Policy - Less Booze and Hookers

Not none, mind you, just less, and more discretely.  I wonder if they were given instructions on how to pay, and whether or not to beat up the foreign hookers?  (To fair, that was the marines in Brazil, but they were on a protection detail as well)

Seeking to shake the disgrace of a prostitution scandal, the Secret Service late Friday tightened conduct rules for its agents to prohibit them from drinking excessively, visiting disreputable establishments while traveling or bringing foreigners to their hotel rooms.

The new behavior policies apply to Secret Service agents even when they are off duty while traveling, barring them from drinking alcohol within 10 hours of working, according to a memorandum describing the changes obtained by The Associated Press. In some cases under the new rules, chaperones will accompany agents on trips. The embattled Secret Service director, Mark Sullivan, urged agents and other employees to "consider your conduct through the lens of the past several weeks."
Secret Service Agents needing chaperones?  Then who will monitor the chaperone? 
The new rules did not mention prostitutes or strip clubs, but they prohibit employees from allowing foreigners -- except hotel staff or foreign law enforcement colleagues -- into their hotel rooms. They also ban visits to "non-reputable" establishments, which were not defined. The State Department was expected to brief Secret Service employees on trips about areas and businesses considered off-limits to them.
This gives me a great idea for a new adventure sitcom.  Willie Slick, Secret Service agent extraordinaire, is the best there is at advance work for presidential travel.  He can infiltrate the bad guys who want to assassinate the president better than anyone else, and shoots faster and straighter than Raylan Givens.  Unfortunately, he has a predilection for booze and hookers. In an effort to keep him on the straight and narrow, his boss decides to hire and partner him with... his mother, a pistol packing, swearing divorcée with her own issues with men.

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