Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Short Sleeve Beach Report of the Year

The temperature on the deck thermometer was reading 60 F as we got ready to go to the beach, so I made the break with the flannel shirt, and went with bare arms.   It continued to warm and the day finished in the low 80s with clouds from the oncoming stormy weather.  The wind was higher than the photo suggests; there was a brisk 15 mph southwest wind, but it doesn't affect the water much close to shore.
Skye and I are way behind Joel and Georgia, because Skye stopped to visit with some kids.

The tide was high, so we had to walk around, so here's a shot from the Calvert Beach steps.
 We're starting to get more people visiting the beach.  This is a boy scout troop out on a fossil collecting expedition.
Just a funny picture of Sky shaking off water while standing knee deep. 
Ah, much better.

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