Saturday, April 14, 2012

Man Card Revoked

Would-be FBI agent sues for sex discrimination after missing cut by one pushup
Jay Bauer says one pushup kept him from becoming an FBI special agent. One lousy pushup. And he's not taking it lying down. Bauer has filed a gender-discrimination lawsuit gainst the agency, claiming the FBI's fitness test is easier for women than it is for men. Bauer had it all going for him: An FBI analyst in Chicago, he aced the fitness test to enter the new-agent program and was chosen as class leader. But then along came another pesky fitness exam, this one requiring 30 untimed pushups. When he managed only 29, he was forced to resign from special training, the lawsuit alleges. Female trainees must complete at least 14 untimed pushups.
Is this Jack Bauer's swishy brother?  Hell, even I can do 30 untimed push ups.

From the ONT.

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