Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse Begins, In Harrisburg PA

Lower Allen Township Police said they arrested a “zombie shopper” at the Capital City Mall for trespassing Friday morning.

But Jenn Hara, a 34-year-old mother of four and member of the Occupy Harrisburg, said she was really there to protest. Hara was one of at least 35 occupy members there to protest consumerism as part of the Occupy Black Friday movement, a national event hoping to call attention to mindless consumerism and corporate greed.

The zombie protesters wore white make-up, drew black circles around their eyes and had fake wounds on their faces. They walked and groaned through the mall, often transfixed on shiny items in store-front windows.
I can see where an occupier might be confused with a zombie; having similar levels of sanitation and intellect.
A Lower Allen Township officer told Hara to either wash her face or leave the mall, police said, advising her that a refusal to do so would result in an arrest. Hara said she asked the officer about the policy three times before she was arrested on a misdemeanor trespass charge and taken to Cumberland County Prison for processing. All of the other zombies complied by either washing their faces or leaving the property, police said. 
Story and checklist via Jawa Report

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