Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Go Ahead, Double the Bacon

The money quote (acronyms filled out):
"We conclude that avoidance of [saturated fatty acids] accumulation by reducing the intake of [carbohydrates] with high glycaemic index is more effective in the prevention of [cardiovascular disease] than reducing [saturated fatty acids] intake per se.
The total body of evidence suggests that attention should be shifted from the harmful effects of dietary [saturated fatty acids] per se, to the prevention of the accumulation of [saturdated fatty acids] in body lipids. This shift would emphasise the importance of reducing dietary [carbohydrates], especially [carbohydrates] with a high glycaemic index, rather than reducing dietary [saturated fatty acids]. 
In other words, calories count, but it's better to reduce calories by reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet than reducing saturated fat.  Robert Atkins is chuckling from the grave.

Found at Ace's ONT, who found it here.

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