Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fourth out of Four Astonishing Days at the Beach

Unbelievable, the fourth day in a row of absolutely astonishing November weather at the beach, all over a long weekend. 60+ F, light south wind, mostly sunny, with a few fluffy clouds, and an extra low tide, again.
The girls, getting ready to part.  Georgia stayed back and looked for fossils in the cobbles  (a couple of logs up), while Skye and I walked way up the beach.
The usual suspects were out and about.  Today I brought the point and shoot instead of the DSL, so of course, this was the day the eagle decided to fly as we walked past and gave us a good chance for a flying shot, and of course, I didn't get it.
 After four days of going to the beach, even Skye was being pretty relaxed about it all.
This was, by far, the best day for finding teeth all year.  I found 62 and Georgia found 23 (at least 85 came out of my pockets, there's no knowing quite how many went in), including this pretty nice Mako.  A little of the root is broken off, but all of the blade is there.
Here is our haul, all laid out (with a quarter for scale).  Mostly jar fillers, but a few better ones.  Also three Black Drum's teeth, and a few bigger fragments of ray mouth plate.
We also collected some beach glass, including the coveted cobalt blue glass.  But the best piece is probably the tiny light blue piece on the right, which is all nicely abraded and glows like a gem when wet. 

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