Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Buffies Are Back at the Beach

It was bright and chilly this morning when we left for the beach, only 38 F and a southwest wind, that doesn't affect the beach very much.
The Bufflehead ducks are back for the winter season.  Buffies are one of the more common winter ducks here.  People do hunt them, but I hear they taste a little like liver.  The one in close with the dark body is a female, but there are several males farther out with whiter bodies.  Click picture to see larger view.
The same old eagle is hanging around the same old tree, but the view gets better and better as the leaves fall off the trees.
 Pushing the limits of the zoom on the camera got me this.
Skye in all her groomed, fluffy glory.  I think she's still hunting for groundhogs...

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