Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"It's Like a Snowman Puked All Over My Living Room"

Kids Destroy Home With One Bag Of Flour - Watch MoreFunny Videos

A couple of questions:

1) How long did Mom leave them alone unsupervised? I wouldn't have been able to spread it nearly that far...

2) How did she resist the urge to kill them?

3) Why did she have a video camera running when she came in?


  1. Hay are you roundabout suggesting that Mom encouraged her two boys to scatter flour all over the place so that she could film the results for AFHV?

    And that the snowman puke is more than a single bag of flour like the video's title suggests?

    And that the flour is scattered about so well because perhaps she created much of the mess before plopping her kids in the middle of it and turning on her camera?

  2. Frizzer, you may be onto something.