Sunday, November 20, 2011

Did Some Fishing 11/20/11

What with the warm temperatures and the west wind, it seemed like a great opportunity to get a little fishing in.  I took of about 1:30 I think (not really too clear on that).  I found fish it several places.  Here are a flock of birds reaping the reward of a school of Striped Bass pushing bait to the surface in shallow water.
When I found birds like this, I also found Striped Bass.  The lure de jour was a Yozuri floating minnow, although I caught my biggest fish of the day on a Bass Kandy Delight in the discharge of Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.
A small striper on the Yozuri minnow. About one in five of the stripers I caught made the minimun 18 inch length.  This one didn't.
 This one did, by a hair, but he was a little skinny...
I stayed long enough to watch the sun set behind the trees on the western shore.  Not the brightest sunset ever, but better than some.
I invited a couple of Striped Bass home for dinner.  We had fresh fish, pasta with pesto, green beans, and ice tea for dinner, all within 1 hour of bringing the fish home alive.

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