Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks at the Beach

It was another really nice morning at the beach.  About 50 F, winds light, 5-10 mph out of the north, and a cloudless sky.  After the end of a prolonged northern blow, the tide was exceptionally low, and we arrived just after the lowest point.

Despite the low tide, and the abundance of shell hash, fossil finding was only fair, although I did find this big Snaggletooth sharks tooth, right after Georgia walked past it.  To be fair, though, she did find more teeth than I did.

Not the best picture, but this is the local eagle gone from his/her usual tree, starting a swoop down on some prey, I assume successfully, as it then made a beeline for the tree...

where it appeared to be eating something.

Skye was in fine form, running like crazy, getting wet, pestering anyone else on the beach for a pet, or better yet, a treat.
Here Skye passes Georgia in flash, on her way down to try and talk me out of a treat (it's easy, I'm a sucker).
 Ornamental grass back lite by the sun at the top of the cliff.
The empty shell from a Horseshoe Crab in the water.

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