Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beach Report, Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011

Another really nice day at the beach.  The weather was warmer today, approaching 60 F by the time we finished.  A bit windy, but from the south west which gives good protection down on the beach.  It was also a super low tide, and lots of good fossil hunting.

 This is a Sand Tiger sharks tooth, Carcharias sp. (meaning I don't know what species).  This one is in really nice shape and shows the two small cusps on either side of the main cusp.  A good "picture page" for tooth ID found here.
A GBH (Great Blue Heron) fishing for minnows, or posing for photos, or both.
A small "Extinct" Mako sharks tooth, probably Cosmopolitous hastalis.  This shark may have evolved into the modern Great White Shark.
 Like I said, just a nice day.  We walked pretty quick, since Skye had a date at the doggy hair dresser.
Just more color.  The Tulip Poplar, Oaks and Hickory trees that stand at the edge of the cliff.  For now...
The girls, hurrying back to get Skye to the hairdresser.  She came back all clean and fluffy and with much of the her loose hair removed.  We don't do it often, but she sure looks good afterward. 

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