Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Take Me to Your Leader

A sex doll collector, named under his alias Brick Dollbanger, has opened up about his experiences of sleeping with Harmony, a life-sized cyborg costing around £11,700 ($15,000).

Made by California-based company Realbotix, Harmony is a robotic head capable of speech, machine learning and autonomous movement that’s affixed to an anatomically correct sex doll body.

Brick, a dad-of-two from California, is the first person to own a Harmony sex robot, whose development has been years in the making.
The 60-year-old told Daily Star Online that testing out “work of art” Harmony has been “fantastic” so far and has changed his perception of relationships.

When Harmony becomes more advanced, Brick said he would consider entering into a “relationship” with the android he described as “the future”.

In terms of making love to Harmony, Brick has had years of experience trying out various sex dolls created by Realdoll – a world leading sex doll producer and Realbotix affiliate.
Gabriel sex-bot
But what about the women, aren't they afraid of being left out? Sex dolls which ‘go all night’ could replace MEN – as women ‘can’t tell the difference’
Men face being made redundant in the bedroom if women turn to silicone robots which “do not tire” or suffer from “performance issues”.

It comes as the world’s first Harmony sex doll owner  exclusively revealed the “realism” of romping with the artificially intelligent android to Daily Star Online.

The male equivalent, dubbed Gabriel, is also programmed with unique conversations and stories to share with partners. Women “will not have to worry about making any effort to get pleasure in the bedroom as the doll satisfies every whim,” Disclose reported.

The robots are said to be “extremely lifelike” with each model customised to meet the customer’s various requirements, including the head, body and gender.

They are hand painted to include detail such as freckles, birth marks and even scars.
WMDOLL Genuine 163CM C Cup TPE Sex Doll 
 Chinese sex robot firm making cyborgs with 'moving limbs' sells 50% of dolls to America
WMDOLL, based in China’s southeastern Guangdong province, develop AI-powered sex dolls that can move and talk without human control. Costing between £1,300 and £5,796 (10,000 to 50,000 yuan) the AI dolls, launched in 2016, can be customised for height, skin tone, breast size, eye colour and hairstyle.

WMDOLL is aiming to dominate the market in the United States, a lucrative market where 50% of its exports are sold. To do so, Liu Ding, WMDOLL product manager, believes more robotic advancements need to be made in order to attract more customers.
. . .
US and Europe-based firms Realbotix, Roxxxy, Synthea Amatus and other companies have so far focused on creating customised sex robots with limited movement that are tailored to each customer’s specifications.

Dr Jordi Vallverdú, computing professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, believes the “huge market” for sex robots is ripe for Chinese firms to dominate in the coming years. The AI expert told Daily Star Online Chinese firms will soon leap ahead of their US and European competitors, who are more reluctant to invest because of ethical and moral qualms.

I see the "uncanny valley" is still a problem. You would think that as good as artists can portray the human face and figure, that would be relatively easy to solve. But that's not enough to deter those crazy Canuks! N. America's 1st sex doll brothel to open in Toronto
Aura Dolls will be opening in a strip mall in Toronto in September, with the website teasing the "world's most beautiful silicone ladies."

There are six "prostitutes" on offer, with ethnicities to fit just about anyone's taste. Among the offerings are a Korean named Yuki, an American named Scarlett, and a Colombian named Jazmine.

The brothel's marketing director Claire Lee told CityNews that guests looking for a bit of fun will have their own room where a TV will play adult entertainment. "The doll, like a girl, will be ready and waiting for you in the room,” she said.

But just because men will be fulfilling their fantasies with a doll instead of a human doesn't mean there's not a risk of sexually transmitted diseases. "We do encourage the use of condoms, just because we don't want people to… there's still a chance of getting any sexual disease," Lee said.

She continued to say that people seem to be welcoming the idea, which sprung to the mind of the owners after they visited Japan and saw similar successful establishments. "People seem really excited to try it, people seem more curious than anything," Lee said.

There's no negotiation when it comes to prices, as Aura Dolls has pre-set rates. Half an hour will cost a patron $80, while an hour will set them back CAD $120 (US$92).
It's coming folks. Let's hope they stay friendly.


  1. Funny, none of those dolls look like Elizabeth Warren.

  2. Wear a rubber with an object? They want to ruin masturbation too?