Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Democrats Throw Tantrum in Kavanaugh Hearing

And, having two 3-year olds in my life, I know a tantrum when I see one. Just a couple of days after using John McCain's funeral to lecture us all on civility (that in itself being an act of supreme incivility), Stacy McCain: Trump Derangement Syndrome
Democrats are turning the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh into a circus. They don’t have the votes to block him from the Supreme Court, and they know it, so they attempted to obstruct the confirmation hearing with motions to adjourned (which they knew would be overruled) as a means of suggesting that there is something illegitimate about the process. Meanwhile, left-wing protesters (including Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour) keep getting themselves arrested for disruptive outbursts, and the obvious question is: Why?

This is all a staged theatrical show, a propaganda spectacle aimed at the MSNBC-viewing extreme-left grassroots base of the Democrat Party intended to mobilize voters for the midterm elections. As Liz Shields says: “Brett Kavanaugh, the president’s selection to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, is facing confirmation hearings this week. There’s really no way to stop him from getting confirmed, but the left will do as much collateral damage as possible.”

They’ve gone mad with Trump Derangement Syndrome, reminding me of what Melissa MacKenzie said about a certain recent unpleasantness: “It’s so strange to make Donald Trump the center of one’s orbit when you hate him. Why? Why give him that power?” They can’t help it.

 also: Democrats Planned (and Paid for) Hearing Protests: The Noise of Democracy™
. . . The Noise of Democracy™ — excellent campaign slogan! Go for it!

More from The Daily Signal
: “Fox News’ Shannon Bream reported that Kavanaugh’s daughters were escorted out of the hearing room as the interruptions continued.” Imagine that — Democrats turned a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing into such a frightening experience that it was not safe for children.

As was confirmed during the hearings, Democrats planned these disruptions during a conference call over Labor Day weekend led by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and, furthermore, witnesses saw people being paid to stand in line to enter the hearings. In other words, Democrats spent money to make sure dozens of hecklers got into the Senate hearing room to stage these planned disruptions during the proceedings. This was thuggery — a hired mob using protests as a terroristic intimidation tactic. This is not “democracy,” it’s an invitation to chaos.
Stephen Green at Inty: Linda Sarsour Arrested at Kavanaugh Hearing: ‘This is a Mockery and Travesty of Justice!’ Exit Question: Did she break Sharia law by doing this?
And then, of course, as the hearing broke up, Kavanaugh was approached from behind by Fred Guttenberg, whose son was killed at Parkland, and in a thoroughly staged photo claimed "Here is the photo of me trying to shake Kavanaugh's hand."

A review of the video of the incident shows that he approached Kavanaugh from behind, and security intervened and hustled the nominee away to safety.

The MSM, of course is trying to turn this into a major crisis:

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