Saturday, September 29, 2018

De Minimis Russiagate

Something more important than the intelligence branches of the government trying to exert control over the whole government must be happening. I wonder what it could be. In the meantime, this elaboration of an old story from Catherine Herrige at Fox: Rosenstein launched 'hostile' attack in May against Republicans over Russia records: congressional email
On April 24, congressional investigators had sent a classified letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and, on April 30, a subpoena for records about alleged surveillance abuse. Rosenstein signed the final surveillance warrant for Trump campaign aide Carter Page in 2017.

"Before the door even closed, we could hear DAG Rosenstein scream at Chairman Nunes, the substance of which we would be briefed on afterwards. The summary is that DAG Rosenstein launched into personal attacks against Nunes, and myself, calling me out by name," Kash Patel, the intelligence committee's national security adviser, wrote. "Demonstrating childish behavior, and a pattern in doing so, the DAG, without facts to support his claims and relying on false media reporting, personally attacked a staffer, myself and our committee."

A source familiar with the closed-door meeting backed up the email account. "Yes, the attacks were very personal and very hostile. Chairman Gowdy tried to calm everyone down and focus on the issues at hand,” the source told Fox News. “Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein initiated the confrontation and was much more upset than Chairman Nunes."

A second source who also declined to speak on the record, citing the sensitivity of the incident, supported the account.

However, a Justice Department spokesperson disputed the characterization, saying, "This is not an accurate portrayal of the May 10 meeting as the deputy attorney general, deputy FBI director, and deputy DNI director can attest."
Sounds like someone in Congress would like to add a little fuel to the President's fire in his dispute against Rod, if it truly exists. My guess is that Trump wouldn't be too excited if one of his men dissed Congress. Via Larwyn's Linx: Kavanaugh, Cold Anger and The Reckoning.

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