Wednesday, September 12, 2018

People in the Mist

 Today's diversion was to take the walking trail up to the top of Trinidad Head (no, not that Trinidad). As you can see, it was rather foggy most of the time. Here is Mary setting the odometer on her phone. It's a 1.4 mile loop.
 A view of Trinidad Harbor and pier from the trail.
A wind bent fir tree, and the rollers on the coast to the north.
 Much of the rock is covered with dense brush, so dense in fact that in places it arches over the trail forming tunnels.
Near the summit, the fog got a little thinner, and it was almost sunny,
 Some parts of the trail are better than others.
 Near the summit is this cross. What! A cross on a public trail in California?
Another reminder on the way down.
 While there is an actual functioning lighthouse on the head (available to the public once a month), this monument used to be prominently sited on the road down to the harbor.
On it is another reminder that the sea can be a harsh mistress.

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