Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rule 5 Saturday - Alexandra Holden

This Rule 5 interlude brought to you on behalf of Alexandra Holden:
Holden was born in Northfield, Minnesota, the daughter of Kristi and Barry Holden. She played film roles in Drop Dead Gorgeous as Mary Johanson and in Sugar & Spice as Fern Rogers. She also starred in the low budget slasher film Wishcraft.

Holden has also had roles in TV and music videos. She appeared on Friends as Ross's girlfriend, Elizabeth Stevens. Other TV roles include Ally McBeal, Tru Calling, Six Feet Under and Private Practice. In music, she appeared in Aerosmith's "Hole in My Soul" video.
A little bit of NSFW from a public wardrobe malfunction. Hey, it could happen to anyone, right?

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