Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dog Park and Battle Creek

Mid-January, and 69 F outside. After some chores and phone calls we decided to take Skye to the dog park  after lunch. When we got there, we found that many other people's dogs had the same idea, and there were lots of dogs to meet and butts to sniff.
Look Ma! This one has more hair than me! And drool too!
After a while at the dog park, we walked across the road to Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm to check it out. A relatively new park in our county it offers walking trails in the woods . . .
. . . and across farmed meadows. There's areas set aside for hunting and horseback riding (bring your own horse).
The trail leads own to historical Battle Creek, a tidal creek off the Patuxent River at this point. Upstream, not far away, the creek narrows to a small freshwater creek through one of the northernmost Bald Cypress swamps in the US.
There's a trail of Bluebird boxes around the meadows, and this one had a particularly fetching growth of lichen

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