Thursday, January 5, 2017

CBF Gives Bay Barely Passing Grade

In its annual "State of the Bay" assessment, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation gave the Chesapeake Bay the best score ever, a 34 out of 100, or a C-

Or to break it down into categories:

I'm not sure why they chose 2014 as the comparison instead of last year, but it looks like a large part of the improvement came from a good year for Blue Crabs, a notoriously variable species on a year to year basis. However, even with that ignored, most of the categories showed improvement, and only one slid backwards, and I'm not exactly sure how they would evaluate how forested buffers decreased. I certainly don't think that Rockfish warrant an A-; perhaps a C+ would be better.

While I'm not as sanguine about these scores as CBF, it does appear the Bay is making slow progress forward. I hope the progress continues.

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