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Rule 5 Saturday - Girls Being Human

Meaghan Rath
In case it hasn't become obvious to regular readers by now, I have a weakness for cheap Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies and TV. This week's Rule 5 post features the girls from one of my current favorites in the genre "Being Human", a Fantasy type TV program on SciFi whose storyline features a 400ish year old Vampire, "Aiden" (who looks suspiciously like a certain sparkly vampire from a lousy vampire movie series), and "Josh", relatively newly stricken werewolf, who decide to move into together to share their combined goal to kick the habit of being monsters.  But this post, being a Rule 5 post, is not about the guys, it's about the gals of being human.

The first is Meaghan Rath, who stars as "Sally", the ghost who occupies their apartment as a result of being killed by her boyfriend, and having the bad fortune to pass up her "door" to the next step. Her troubles include a ghostly mother, and a schizophrenic version of herself called the "reaper" who goes about killing other ghosts.  By virtue of their supernatural nature, both Aidan and Josh are capable of seeing and talking with Sally.

Kristen Hager

The second most frequent female member of the cast is "Nora", a novice werewolf, having been turned by Josh during rough sex.  Nora is played by Kristen Hager, who also played Jesse in Alien vs. Predator: Requiem" (2007) and Adele in "Wild Roses" (2009).

Dichan Lachman

Another important woman in the series, at least as it was last season, is 'Suren,'  Aidan's long-lost (buried) lover, recently revived by her deadly vampire queen mother 'Mother'.  Suren is played by Dichan Lachman, who shockingly, hails from Kathmandu, Nepal, child of a Nepalese mother and an Australian father.  I must say, she has one of the most unusual, and yet strikingly attractive faces on television.  In the past she has starred in Eastworld (2005), Tyranosaurus Azteca (2007; that sounds really cheesy, I'll have to find it), and Bled (2009), as well as episodes of Dollhouse, NCIS: L.A., the new Hawaii Five-O, Torchwood and the Glades.

Natalie Brown

Finally we have Natalie Brown, who had a brief role as 'Julia', the love of Josh's life refound, before being killed (by a car, after being scared by his teeth during an eclipse), coming back as a ghost, and slipping away though her "door".  As short, but busy part.  Will she be back?  Doors seem to swing two ways...

The third season of the series starts on Jan. 14th.  More pictures below:

And a Kristen Hagen vid...

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