Thursday, January 24, 2013

Waterkeepers Cut Losses in Chicken Shit Suit

A New York-based environmental group that sued Perdue Farms and an Eastern Shore contract grower said Wednesday it won't appeal a federal judge's ruling in an alleged poultry pollution case.

The Waterkeeper Alliance said in a statement that while the group believes it presented compelling evidence, it won't appeal U.S. District Judge William Nickerson's ruling last month in a case that had broad implications for the state's poultry industry.

"Given the high burden appellate courts impose for reversing a district court's findings of fact, Waterkeeper Alliance will not appeal Judge Nickerson's decision," the group said in a statement.
From the remarks we've seen from Judge Nickerson, and the questionable nature of the suit (they continued to sue after it was shown that the pollution the alleged did not come from the chicken houses), they'll be lucky if they aren't counter sued by Hudson Farm and Perdue.

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