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Wapoo Reporter Stalks, Doxes 'LibsofTikTok' Author

The story du jour hails from just up the road where WaPoo 'reporter' Taylor Lorenz decided to publish a hit piece on the until then anonymous author of the 'controversial' (meaning right-wing) Twitter account 'Libs of TikTok', who has been savaging the left by scouring the bowels of TikToc for the insane things liberals post, particularly with respect to LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ and education, and re-tweeting it (perhaps with a snarky comment). In the past this has earned it more than one Twitter time out, after being accused, well, not being supportive. Taylor Lorenz found who the person is, published her name, and business license information in the WaPoo, which surreptitiously deleted the info after being called out on it.

Taylor Lorenz crying over 'mean Tweets'
Stacy McCain predicted this, or something like it, Ain’t I Done Told You?, Headline from my April 3 post: Taylor Lorenz Is a Dangerous Sociopath

As I explained more than two weeks ago, when Lorenz was boohooing on MSNBC about being a victim of “harassment,” her behavior pattern resembled DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender), whereby wrongdoers faced with consequences for their actions try to depict themselves as the real victims. Psychologist Jennifer Freyd coined the term DARVO to describe a common tactic of sex offenders, although this pattern is certainly not exclusive to such offenders.

Now the world is shocked that Taylor Lorenz has once again engaged in the very behavior of which she claimed to be a victim, i.e., harassment:
The Washington Post ran a hit piece Tuesday morning exposing the identity of the woman behind a popular Twitter account that re-publishes videos of radical leftists doing insane things.
Which, apparently for WaPo and their “technology reporter,” Taylor Lorenz, was a bridge too far.
Lorenz penned an article doxxing the “LibsOfTikTok” account owner (despite the left’s supposed stance against online harassment and targeting – unless, of course, its against a conservative), even going so far as to show up to the private homes of the woman’s relatives to interrogate them for her piece. The article that the outlet then posted originally linked to the creator’s real estate license, which includes her license number, her business’ address, and her employer’s name and license number, making her the target of more than just online harassment and possibly putting her in physical danger.
Lorenz literally went to the homes of relatives of the “LibsOfTikTok” account owner as part of this doxxing-as-“journalism” exercise.

Taylor Lorenz is a disgrace. No honest person would defend her, nor would any reputable news organization employ her. But she works at the Washington Post, which is neither honest nor reputable.

Mary Chastain at LI, WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz Wants to ‘Expose’ the Woman Behind Libs of TikTok, Harasses Her Relatives, "@LibsofTikTok confirmed to the Babylon Bee social media manager that Lorenz harassed her family members." Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Unreal: WaPo reporter claimed "severe PTSD" from Internet criticism -- and then doxxed an anonymous Twitter user. Althouse, WaPo goes after the Twitter feed "Libs of TikTok" — tracing and revealing the name of someone who had been anonymous. ""Meet the woman behind Libs of TikTok, secretly fueling the right’s outrage machine A popular Twitter account has morphed into a social media phenomenon, spreading anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment and shaping public discourse" by Taylor Lorenz."

Notice that WaPo poses as concerned about chilling the speech of the original TikTokker, but it is actively chilling the speech of those who draw attention to that speech. The original TikTokker chose to make something public, Libs of TikTok then shared that public speech, and WaPo publicized what had not been public, the identity of the pseudonymous sharer.

I challenge WaPo to explain its ethics in viewpoint neutral terms. I'm not saying there's much chance that its ethics are viewpoint neutral. I just want to see it take the problem seriously and either try to demonstrate the neutrality of its ethics or, alternatively, defend its non-neutrality forthrightly. I'd like to know the rule that it purports to follow, because I want to be able to use it in the future.

Ace, Washington Post Doxes LibsofTikTok In Order to Intimidate One of the Right's Most Effective Champions, "This isn't journalism, this is gangsterism." At PJ Media Vicky Taft has some of the magnum opuses that earned Libs of Tic-Toc this treatment, Here Are 19 Reasons Why the Left Wants to Destroy the Libs of TikTok Twitter Account. At the Babylon Bee, Liberals Raise Concerns About Account That's Making Them Look Bad By Just Sharing Their Actual Words

"Yes, I posted that video of myself screaming about teaching gender ideology to kindergartners," said local Portland teacher Marie Walsky. "But it was just intended for psychotic people on TikTok to consume—I never meant for normal people with regular thoughts and feelings to see it. By sharing my ideas, the Libs of TikTok account is making me look like a real dummy."

Insty, DEMOCRACY DIES IN DOXXING — AND THEN LYING ABOUT AFTERWARDS: The Washington Post lies—claims they did not publish details about Libs of Tik Tok’s personal life.

After Taylor Lorenz doxed Libs of Tik Tok in the pages of the Washington Post, that paper released a statement defending the doxing, and defending Lorenz’s journalistic standards.

They also lied, claiming that Lorenz had not published the home address of the Libs of Tik Tok account holder, when in fact, she had. The article was later scrubbed to purge those details, but they were there when the article was published at 6 am on Tuesday.

As Ted Cruz advisor Omri Ceren tweets, “The reason the Washington Post has to falsely deny they disclosed personal info is because it gives away the game. There was no possible public interest in that info. The article was meant to intimidate not inform.”

Capt. Ed,  WaPo senior managing editor: Hey, we didn't link to any personal details for @LibsofTikTok "A baldfaced lie, and even more, an easily debunked baldfaced lie." Amber Athey at Spectator World, WaPo appears to make false claim in defending Taylor Lorenz, "It sure looks like the reporter doxxed an anti-left Twitter user." At Twitchy, Washington Post clearly hopes you won’t notice how they aided and abetted Taylor Lorenz in endangering Libs of Tik Tok’s life [screenshots]. Matt Vespa at Town Hall says The Washington Post Declared War on Libs of Tik Tok...And It's Not Going Well for Them. At Red State, Sister Toldja Tucker Carlson Trounces the WaPo Over 'Libs of Tik Tok' Doxxing as Only He Can, Reveals Disturbing Info

Jim Treacher, Taylor Lorenz Knows Privacy Is Reserved for Liberals, "Their own rules don't apply to them." Twitchy, Just DAMN: Glenn Greenwald absolutely obliterates corporate media by DRAGGING serial troll Taylor Lorenz in beautifully SAVAGE thread. It is pretty good. Ed Driscoll at Insy, TAYLOR LORENZ IS SIMPLY FOLLOWING THE NEW RULES OF JOURNALISM:
However, in singling out Taylor Lorenz, what the political Right doesn’t understand is this is about politics and shutting down opposing speech. That is to say, speech that Lorenz or Kaczynski or the Daily Beast are ideologically opposed to. Of course, this is also about media power.

CNN is a multibillion-dollar media conglomerate that used the full weight of its corporate power to threaten a private individual with a Reddit account. In a newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos, Lorenz publishes a story with an individual’s name, professional license, and address information. It’s a struggle between one of the richest, most powerful men on the Earth and someone behind a Twitter account with less than a million followers (although that follower count is almost certainly about to increase).

Taylor Lorenz is not the ultimate problem. The problem is news outlets and infotainment companies using their outsize power and vast budgets to harass and doxx private citizens they disagree with. It’s a new journalistic model for an industry that sees its grip loosening on what news it can control and create (see the media freak-out over Elon Musk buying their favorite toy). Taylor Lorenz, for all her theatrics, is simply leading the charge.
Or as Glenn Greenwald noted at the start of the month: Your Top Priority is The Emotional Comfort of the Most Powerful Elites, Which You Fulfill by Never Criticizing Them.

 The New Neo, Doxxer Taylor Lorenz thinks she’s the real victim. Althouse, She didn't decline to comment!

Christina Pushaw tweets:
Why Taylor Lorenz gave me a “deadline” of an hour to respond, at 8pm last night: She WANTED to write in Washington Post that “@GovRonDeSantis Press Secretary declined to comment on her relationship with @libsoftiktok.” As if it’s shameful to follow / like / RT the account. NOPE.

Here's the screen shot of their email exchange:


Thank You, Taylor Lorenz. “Lorenz’s attack on LoTT isn’t going as well as she thought it might. She’s currently being served a massive L and is doing what she can to defend herself and, as the left usually does, keep the ideological bubble intact in order to fend off the real truth; that they’re the baddies. In truth, Lorenz did LoTT a favor. The Twitter account was wildly popular but it didn’t have that mainstream exposure. Thanks to Lorenz, more people know about it than ever. More people will begin watching it and as trainwreck after trainwreck scrolls past their screen and they’re unable to look away, they’ll become more familiar with the left as it is today. Parents will see the myriad of teachers in public schools who proudly introduce sex and sexualization to their children and understand why legislators in places like Florida did what they did.”

UPDATE: Babylon Bee CEO announces that he’s worked out a deal to make Libs of Tik Tok’s gig a full-time career.

This woman should be fired, but she won't be. I hope the woman from Libs of TikTok sues her and WaPoo (if there are any legal grounds), and take a big piece, like Nick Sandman did. 

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