Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Let's Hear it For President NOTA

On of my late brother Ted's favorite libertarian type Sci-Fi authors had a series (that I can't quite put a finger on as I type) in which "NOTA" (none of the above) had been elected for a couple of terms, and the United States was getting along just fine, better in fact. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair has a  Poll: 58% would take "none of the above" in a Biden-Trump rematch. I think Ted would be amused. Paul Bedard at WaEx, 2024 Democratic choice: ‘Not Sure’ beats Biden, 28%-19%. Breitbart has one too, Poll: Only 37 Percent of Voters Want Joe Biden to Run in 2024. Capt. Ed again, Harvard poll: Biden's lost 18 points -- among young voters, but a WaPoo, Molly Roberts opines, Biden hasn’t lost young voters’ love. He never really had it. "If the youths are the future, President Biden, by the latest numbers, might not have much of one." But, but, but, Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair notes Biden actually cancels some specific student debt... sort of. It was already eligible for cancellation, but the paperwork was too daunting even for the Feds. "The problem is that the system was so badly constructed that the government did a terrible job in communicating those qualifications to the public and you wouldn’t have known about it unless you were able to do some very deep research into the rules." 

At NYT, Mark Penn cited at Haut Hair says American voters haven't been afraid like this in a long time. Capt. Ed quotes a  Biden political adviser: His midterm strategy reminds me of his Afghan retreat plan. WaPoo whines Democrats approach a midterm message but struggle to deliver it, "Biden signals a message for the midterms: Democrats bring results, Republicans bring MAGA. But there’s little sign the party is delivering it with any energy or regularity." Dean Obeadallah at CNN, opines Democrats should embrace being woke and make 2022 about GOP's extremism, because clearly they can't run on their record. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.26.22, Elle Reynolds at Da Fed, The Democrats Are Banking On Smearing & Censoring Their Opposition Because They Have Nothing To Offer  Jazz Shaw, It's getting harder to hide the fact that "something's not quite right" with Joe Biden. And by "not right" he means senile dementia. "Even if Joe Biden resigned or was somehow removed through a 25th Amendment procedure, we’d be stuck with Kamala Harris. Perhaps we just need to ride this out for a couple more years and hope for the best." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.26.22, Don Surber, Biden heads for bunker. Democrats scramble "There are not enough rugs in DC to sweep all the dirt under." Also, The first 2024 primary.  AllahPundit worries Is Tucker running for president? and is orgasmic to report Stunner: New poll shows Kemp on track to beat Perdue -- without a runoff. Also from the Wombat,  Tristan Justice at Da Fed notes ex-Republican "Evan McMullin Is The Democrats’ Utah Senate Candidate". Ace, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Conservative Than "Woke White Liberals" On Twitter, Democrats Are Warned by... Joe Scarborough, Mike Brzezinski, and Al Sharpton. "This is like AllahPundit warning NeverTrump that they're obsessing too much about Trump for their own political well-being."

Also at Haut Hair, AllahPundit whines Tanking Biden's agenda has made Joe Manchin one of the most popular senators in the country. Da Fed's Nathaniel Blake thinks Democrats’ Culture War Is Destroying Their Ability To Govern Competently Enough To Fool Voters. I think that's right. Matt Vespa, What a Soon-to-be-Ex-Biden White House Adviser Said About Ocasio-Cortez Is...Not Inaccurate, " a “f**king idiot.” Byron York at WaEx, Democrats can't fix their problems by November. True, but they're also going to double down on the idiocy that brought them to this contretemps.  YaHoo! worries about a New Yahoo News poll that shows why inflation could doom Democrats in 2022 midterms as the Peacock notes High inflation may prompt people to change their summer vacation plans. Let's go, Brandon!

From the Wombat, in the Shark Tank: Gov. DeSantis Signs Election Integrity Bill Into Law. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN, Georgia elections chief hints at organized effort behind ballot harvesting, registering noncitizens

At RCP, Confessions of a Coup Plotter, or The Death of Free Speech

Which brings me to my confession. I have to admit that both before and after the Nov. 3, 2020 election, I suspected that the Democrats would rig the election and said so publicly. I encouraged President Trump to fight the election results in the Electoral College, in the courts, in peaceful rallies, and in Congress. It seemed to me that no step short of violence should be omitted in the effort to prove that the election was stolen.

I was not alone. That’s probably what pisses off Democrats so much. There were millions of us, the good old Deplorables, who refused to give up and go away just because we were told by the media that we were crazy. After all, the media had told us we were crazy for thinking The Donald could win in 2016. They told us we were crazy for thinking Hillary Clinton was behind the Russia collusion hoax. They told us we were crazy for believing that a laptop filled with incriminating evidence against Hunter Biden and his father could be anything other than “Russian disinformation.”

At Da Caller, Deputy AG Involved In Jan. 6 Investigation May Be Breaking The Law By Allegedly Using Pseudonymous Email Address, Lawyer Says. Shades of "Richard Windsor!" Peacock worries, Jan. 6 committee's concerns about Insurrection Act should concern the rest of us. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great takes note, Did a Key FBI Agent in Whitmer Plot Attempt to Surveil Steven Crowder?

Don Surber, again, What the press got wrong on DeSantis and Disney: Everything. They didn't get it wrong; they lied. Insty, COLORADO: Polis gets fact-checked on Disney, Twitter offer. KT at Haut Hair, Woke county judge invites Disney to relocate to Texas. From the WombatDisney Fallout Roundup. AllahPundit expresses hope, Tax lawyer: Florida is barred by contractual obligations from unwinding Disney's special district. Remember, there are always lawyers on both sides of every issue. That's what they exist for. 

At PJ Media Megan Fox has the video as Angry Moms Confront LGBTQ Groomers in Explosive School Board Meeting. Ace is gratified that Joe Rogan Gained Two Million Subscribers Since CNN and the Left Tried to Cancel Him, "Womp womp wah wah waaaaah. Joe Rogan is alive and CNN+ is dead." From the College Fix, University of Illinois requires all faculty to engage in DEI activism, or else

I'm kind of over the Elon Musk vs. Twitter thing, now that it's effectively a done deal, and it will take a while to sort out, but not every one is. The Wombat comments Day 2 of the ongoing Leftist meltdown over Elon Musk’s Twitter buyout. . . . Silicon Valley delenda est. And includes numerous links. But in case you need some more:

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