Saturday, April 23, 2022

Biden Gliden', Prices Rising, Gerries Mandered, Masks Off, Disney Dying and More

Shockingly, Biden's ratings still suck.  At the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll "for  Friday shows that 41% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-seven percent (57%) disapprove." That's despite all the major media being having settled to the bottom of the tank. Gallup, Biden Job Approval Stuck in Low 40s. I figure that's about as low as he can go. 20% of those people aren't paying any attention, the remainder are hard core partisans. At the Conservative Brief a Political Handicapper claims 27 House Dem Seats Now Listed As ‘Toss-Up’. At PM, Biden greeted with 'Let's Go Brandon' chants at Seattle college. At PJ Media, Rick Moran thinks that, as we long predicted, Biden Has Now Surpassed Jimmy Carter's Record of Incompetence. Also at PJ Media, Jeff Reynolds wonders Will the 2022 Red Wave Hit Oregon, or Will the Powers That Be Dodge Accountability Again?. That ain't red, it's rust (a variation of an old Oregon joke).  At  JTN, John Solomon points out New figures show Biden administration thumbing nose at courts over Remain in Mexico policy. Ace, Biden Tells Democrats: I'm Ending Title 42 Come Hell Or High Water; "Texas National Guard Soldier Drowns While Saving Illegal Alien Trying to Cross Rio Grande's High Water. NeverTrump's Fake President is determined to destroy this country." KT at Haut Hair reads Anxious, Axios: Mayorkas admits in private what Democrat lawmakers fear about Title 42. There's a flood coming, and they're busy tearing down the levees. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.22.22, Don Surber thinks Bidenflation gives Republicans a big lead in House races. From sundance at CTH, Treasury Secretary Yellen, We Will Have to Put Up With Inflation a While Longer. Eric Grover at Am Spec, The Derelict Fed, "The Fed is belatedly feeling the heat for the inflation monster it birthed." Also from sundance, IMF Director After COVID Spending Spree, Inflation and Global Food Crisis, Perhaps We Need to Pay Attention to Law of Unintended Consequences. Ya think? At the National Journal,   Elon Musk Sounds the Alarm on Biden's Inflation, Says 'The Official Numbers' Are Wrong. Data don't lie, but liars use data. Steve Greenhut at Am Spec, Beware of Price Controls, "As inflation wreaks havoc on the economy, Democrats and some Republicans want the government to embrace a failed Nixon-era policy. They are starting small, but watch out." As HL Menken noted "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." Tristan Justice explains Why Biden’s Court-Ordered Resumption Of Oil And Gas Leases Won’t Bring Down Prices. Too little too late, and they'll still find a way to stand in the way at a latter point in the process. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.22.22, the Weasel Zippers hear of 300,000 Unverified Votes In State Biden Won By Only 11,000.Tampa Freep takes note that As Florida Redistricting Makes National News, Court In NY Rules Democrats Violating State Constitution. Rick Moran, again, Court Rules That New York's Rabidly Partisan Redistricting Map Was Improperly Gerrymandered. At Mediaite, Conservative Group Asks Ohio Republicans to Boycott Trump Rally Over ‘Wrong’ Endorsement (JD Vance). At Da Lid, Dr. Holmes warns JD Vance Will Be Another Mitt Romney

At the Neon Nettle, Elon Musk Reveals Changes He's Planning for Twitter after Takeover. Kill spambots, and authenticate all real humans. From WaEx, House Republicans demand Twitter board preserve records about Musk bid. Hmmm. 

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.22.22 Mark Steyn wonders is The Masquerade Is Over?. At American Power, Americans Are Over the Pandemic, Despite the ("Coming") Omicron 2 Wave. Yeah we see a little bump in MD so far, and I know a couple people who got it recently, but it doesn't appear to be a real problem. From Twitchy, NYT writer David Leonhardt’s approach to how we should ‘be thinking about masks at this point in the pandemic’ is refreshingly reasonable.   David Leonhardt@DLeonhardt "The mask mandates we've had have often been the worst of all worlds: high burden, low benefit. People have been required to wear them for hours on end, causing exhaustion and polarization. Yet the mandates have included so many exceptions as to undermine their effectiveness." Capt Ed at Haut Hair, NYT's Leonhardt: Let's face it -- mask mandates weren't effective anyway.  

Also at Haut Hair, AllahPundit frets over Fauci's worst soundbite of the pandemic. "you don’t need legal training to grasp the problem with the idea that courts shouldn’t have power to review the lawfulness of federal policy provided that it’s endorsed by scientists. All you need is a third-grade-level civics education."  That's a pretty high bar. Eric Boehm at Reason, Fauci Says CDC Mandates 'Should Not Be a Court Issue'. Fauci has become entirely too comfortable with the notion that his SWAGs (scientific wild ass guesses) should have the force of law. 

At City Journal, Chris Rufo informs us of Radical Gender Lessons for Young Children, "Evanston–Skokie’s school district adopts a curriculum that teaches pre-K through third-grade students to “break the binary” of gender." According to KT at Haut Hair, Teachers union President Weingarten: Parental rights bills are "the way in which wars start" Huh? Joy Pullman at Da Fed, Amid Public Concern About Grooming Kids, American Library Association Picks ‘Marxist Lesbian’ As President

Stacy McCain, Disney Got Woke, Now Going Broke. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.22.22, the Babalú Blog Killing Mickey by going woke. Ace is pleased, Disney Shares Are Cratering While They War With DeSantis ; It Has Lost 31.5% Over the Year, "DeSantis signs bill stripping Disney of its special corporate self-government status, sending its stock price tumbling.. At NR, Rick Lowry (cited at Haut Hair) says Let Disney be an example

Disney is special no more. Ben Whedon at JTN, Ron DeSantis signs bill to strip Disney of special tax status sending stock price tumbling, "Disney stock fell 2.79% on Friday, according to Google Finance." 'Becca Downs at Town Hall, Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Into Law Ending Disney's Special Tax Status. Sundance notes the Shadow President, Ron DeSantis Signs New Congressional Map, Legislation Removing Disney Special District and Stop Woke Education Bill all in one day. AllaPundit is pissed, Florida lt. gov: We might back off Disney if they changed their politics. At Mediaite, ‘Christ, They’re Going After Mickey Mouse!’ Biden Roasts Republicans at Fundraiser. Via the Wombat, Don Surber notes Of course NR sides with Disney. Grudging respect from Liz Mair at Da Beast, Here’s How DeSantis Could Lose Every Legal Battle and Still Win His War. "Love him or loathe him—as the culture warrior-in-chief, the Florida governor keeps improving his odds as a 2024 GOP contender." Guy Benson at Town Hall catches an MSNBC Panel Grumpily Admitting Florida Is...Actually Doing Pretty Well Under DeSantis. At Insty, IT DIDN’T “FIND ITSELF” IN A CULTURE WAR, IT INSERTED ITSELF: How Disney found itself in the middle of a culture war. "And really, “Disney doesn’t like conflict”? Then why did it stir conflict up? The answer is, it didn’t expect any resistance" and DEMOCRACY DIES IN DOXXING — and the WaPo is so proud of its attack on Libs of TikTok (and hoping you’ll pay no attention to the collateral damage they’ve also done) that they’re promoting the article on Twitter . . .

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