Monday, April 4, 2022

Elon Musk Buys into Twitter

Breitbart reports on GOP Rep. Carl: ‘On the Verge’ of Giving House Republicans the Largest Majority They’ve Had in 100 Years as Gallup claims 75% of Americans Dissatisfied With Nation's Direction (CNS News). 25% are just awful people. At Fox, Mark Penn believes Biden needs to pivot on these 5 issues before a tornado hits Democrats, energy policy, immigration, crime, education and foreign policy. That's all, but if I know my Democrats, they'll double down. Mike LaChance at LI, Democrat Candidates Suddenly Shying Away From the “Progressive” Label, Keep Toxic Policy Positions. Kurt Schlichter at Town Hall, It's Like Democrats Want to Be Crushed in November. Andy Biggs at Am Great is looking forward to November’s Expected Red Tsunami Must Adopt the America First Plan. Not a sign of confidence from Monica Showalter at Am Think, that 55 Dems quit paying dues to their own DCCC ahead of midterms. Why throw money away? Mark Ellis at PJ Media wonders Is Conservative Commentary Getting Too Cocky About the Midterms? Don't ever doubt Republicans ability to screw up an advantage. And who's up for a good baseball metaphor? Thad McCotter at Am Great pitches Biden at the Bat, "There is no joy in Demville for Strike-out Joe."

With roughly a quarter of his presidency completed, if Joe Biden were a baseball team, he’d be out of contention before the All-Star break. Nevertheless, during this Spring training season, in the breast of every Democrat, unfounded hope springs eternal for their failed policies and sagging political fortunes. After all, there’s always next year for the cellar dwelling Joe Biden.

WaPoo whines American Consumers Are Starting to Hit Their Breaking Point. At Am Great Robbie Starbuck wonders Will the Upcoming Election Be a Force for Good? Kevin Downey at PJ Media, A Victim Too Far: How Transgenders Will Bring Down the Lefty Marxists Who Want to Destroy America

Moments after the Supreme Court gave gay people in the U.S. the right to marry, the left hurried to find a new lot of victims to promote. They decided to focus on a tiny group of people, mostly men suffering from a mental issue called “gender dysphoria,” people who believe they should be the opposite sex. Hence, a new crop of lefty victims was born, and that is the very first time we heard the word “transgender.”

Yeah; I thought they'd go for necrophiliacs.  

Stacey Matthews at LI, Kamala’s Team Believes She’s ‘Really Hit a Stride’ in Interviews Despite Months of Word Salads. Tristan Justice at Da Fed notes how Kamala Harris Is Everything The Media Warned Sarah Palin Would Be, "Ignorant, extreme, unprepared, and merely one 70-year-old’s heartbeat away from the presidency."

WaT, Marjorie Taylor Greene sues to stop challenge to her reelection eligibility. Fighting the lawfare. From Da Mail, FEC two-year probe finds AOC and her former chief of staff didn't 'properly' disclose at least $1M in campaign expenses but panel votes to DISMISS conservative watchdog complaint, filings show. Let's sue to disqualify her! Breitbart reports Donald Trump Endorses Sarah Palin for Congress: ‘Wonderful Patriot’ "In his endorsement, Trump recalled how Palin elevated the 2008 McCain campaign as the media and establishment Republicans sabotaged her." Breitbart, Hypocrisy: ‘Republican’ Dr. Oz Has Lavish Fundraiser with ‘Clinton Friend and Epstein Associate’ After Attacking Opponent for ‘Taking Money from Dems. Pennsylvania just might be able to do better. 

Rebecca Downs at Town Hall hypes a New Documentary Exposes that Mark Zuckerberg was Involved in Significant 2020 Election Interference. At Fox, Bongino asks if the US is turning into an oligarchy. One can make that case. Speaking of potential oligarchs, 'Duke' at Red State reports Elon Musk Makes a Huge Move Buying up Billions in Twitter Stock. 9.2%. It would be amusing if he were to gain control and start banning liberal speech, but that won't happen. At Da Wire, Elon Musk Becomes Twitter’s Largest Shareholder After Shakeup Tease "Musk now has four times as many shares as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who owns 2.25%."

Ed Erler at Am Great  observes the Supreme Court Upholds Equality in the Voting Rights Act, But Not Equity in Voting, "The Court wisely overturned a dubious and racialized distortion of the Constitution", in it's Wisconsin gerrymandering decision, even as Judge Throws Out New York Dems’ Gerrymandered Redistricting Map (Wa Free Bee).

At The Pipeline, Michael Walsh writes 'There is a Tide in the Affairs of Men', arguing Trump's time is done and it's time for Republicans to solidify around others (he seems to suggest DeSantis, without actually doing so). At Am Great, Clarice Feldman has a silly piece on Trump’s Greatest Gambit?

'Bonchie' at Red State sees the reports that Joe Biden Openly Pushing for the DOJ to Prosecute Donald Trump. But Fox reports AG Garland says he will not be pressured by Dems in Jan. 6 probe. At WaPoo, Jen Rubin whines If Biden is frustrated with Garland, it’s his own darn fault because he's not partisan enough. 

The J6 Star Chamber is still pushing the debunked "7 hr gap" meme. At WaPoo, Gap in Trump call logs on Jan. 6 ‘suspiciously tailored,’ Raskin says. Now do Biden. I'll bet he has 7 hr naps. Atop Da Hill, Jan. 6 panel member says calls involving Trump took place during call log gap. I don't think anyone's arguing they didn't, they're just saying they didn't go through the switchboard for totally usual reasons. And it was a busy day. I think we need to closely examine Rep. Raskins call logs and phone records. I'm sure we can find something to infer criminality. At the Boston Herald, Howie Carr observes the Latest variant of Trump Derangement Syndrome on the rise

Gaps in the White House phone logs of Jan. 6! Worse than Watergate!

It was a bombshell, the walls were closing in, it was a turning point, a tipping point, breaking news, the beginning of the end, whistleblowers, dark clouds, monumental implications, a watershed.

Until, as always, it wasn’t. Instead it was yet another Emily Litella moment.

Never mind!

If you blinked, you missed this latest Trumpian non-scandal. Like radioactive materials, the concocted bombshells’ half-lives grow ever shorter. This one was like a shooting star.

In case you missed it, or more likely paid no attention to the Chicken Littles who’ve been peddling the same made-up nonsense for more than six years now, this time Trump was accused of somehow erasing the White House phone logs for more than seven hours on Jan. 6, 2021.

Because the Democrat operatives think it’s more believable if they throw in precise falsehoods, they had exact times — from 11:17 a.m. until 6:54 p.m.

It was the biggest story in the world until it wasn’t. It was such an embarrassment that it was left to CNN — which is to fake news what Fredo was to the Corleones, that is to say the embarrassing runt of the litter — to clean up the smelly mess in Aisle Biden.

CNN headline: “Official review of Trump phone logs from Jan. 6 finds record is complete.”

Huh? Complete? But wait … wait … Just hours earlier, two avatars of fake news — the Washington Post and CBS News — had finally cracked the case.

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