Monday, April 25, 2022

Democrats in the Dumps and More

 At the Wa Free Bee, Poll Shows Just How Weak Americans Think Biden Is on Russia, "36 percent back the president's approach." At Am Great Jeff Anderson hopes GOP Gains Could Be Twice What the Cook Political Report Predicts. Well, it could happen, but I'm not holding my breath. Don't get cocky! KT at Haut Hair hears Dem Rep. Cuellar call out Biden for hurting party - "look at the polls" and  Biden White House preps for pain of GOP victories in November, familiar face returns (Anita Dunn). Tom Joyce at WaEx says Democrats are losing Hispanics on culture. At Da Mail, White House claims approval polls don't matter and Biden CAN win in 2024: Chief of Staff Ron Klain points to French President Emanuel Macron's reelection with just 36% approval rating. Indeed, if the media can make the public hate the other candidate more. To that point, Mike LaChance points out the Democrats are leaving nothing to chance, Here Comes the ‘DeSantis is Worse Than Trump’ Narrative, "DeSantis presents an even clearer present and future danger than Trump does”" 

And more bad polling for Democrats, Breitbart reports Most Identify Economy as the Top Issue Determining How They Will Vote in Future Election. Ed Driscoll at Insty reminds us of THE FORGOTTEN ECONOMIC CRISIS OF ’68. Welcome back, Carter LBJ! At Fox Business, The Fed wants to raise rates quickly but may not know where to stop 'The Fed only knows where neutral is in retrospect.' “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” From the Hahvahd Gazette, Summers says pandemic only partly to blame for record inflation, "Former Treasury secretary lays out need for Fed intervention, political costs of higher prices" At the Tampa Freep, Unsatisfied With Mounting Tax Revenue Created By Trump, Biden Demands Higher Taxes While Ignoring Budget Deficit. “Biden is not a champion of the middle class. He is a champion of big government.” Fox noted Liz Warren wants to double down on stupid, "Warren says ‘Democrats are going to lose’ if ‘we don't get up and deliver’ before election"

In miscellaneous political crap, Fox also "reports" Jill Biden's anger at Harris detailed in new book: 'Do we have to choose the one who attacked Joe?' "Joe Biden reportedly thought Harris' past romantic relationship with a mentor should be something 'off limits'" Who doesn't love a good cat fight? News Busters much watch MSNBC: Black Republicans Like Herschel Walker 'Shucking and Jiving' for White Handlers. WaEx claims a Northeast Ohio House seat, a longtime Democratic redoubt, is shifting to GOP. At Da Beast, Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Kevin McCarthy, Calls Him a ‘Liar and a Traitor’ but 'Fuzzy Slippers' at LI debunks the notion, Media Hoax: No, Kevin McCarthy Did Not Say Trump Should Resign Over J6, "McCarthy says he would recommend to Trump that he resign rather than face the humiliation of his Cabinet and Congress deeming him unfit to serve and removing him without his consent," which is very different from how it's being widely reported. At Breitbart, Piers Morgan Stands by Claim Trump Walked Off of Interview Despite Audio. If you shout loud enough and long enough. at RCP, Trump: Our Biggest Threat Remains The Sick, Sinister, And Evil People From Within Our Own Country. It's the well meaning idiots that scare me the most. 

Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks There's a reason Democrats are desperate to stop Marjorie Taylor Greene, with a fine thread of tweets to show she's not as crazy as she's being portrayed. CBD at Aces details why We Need More Firebrands Like Marjorie Taylor Greene! "

Do I support everything they say? Nope. But I support their full-throated attacks on the Democrats, the Democrat party, the socialist agenda, the deep state, the corporate-government revolving door, and a host of other things that make our current political structure an existential danger to America as founded and as imagined for generations.

But at NR (cited at Haut Hair), never-Trumper (never-Greene?) Kevin Williamson says  Marjorie Taylor Greene should go

So, either charge Marjorie Taylor Greene under the federal insurrection law — or at least start treating January 6 as an insurrection as a matter of law — or defeat her at the polls. The last thing this country needs is another disreputable, sneaky, underhanded, pretextual legal case. The end is a worthy one, but the means would be corrupting.

'Becca Downs at Town Hall has the scoop that Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Trying to Bar Reps. Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs from Running for Re-Election

Morgan Ortagus
At NYPo, the divine Ms. Devine wonders Are Democrats and Joe Biden up to their old election tricks? Why would they stop now? It worked last time. At the Tampa Freep again, REPORT: GOP Warns Raffensperger Of Stacey Abrams’ Voter-Education Initiative For GA Students. At Da Caller, Jim Jordan Says IRS Can’t Be Trusted After ‘Partisan’ Leak Investigation Stonewalls.  Look, I just saved five words. Tennessee Star claims to tell The Real Story of How the Tennessee GOP Followed the Party’s Bylaws to Disqualify Three Candidates from the TN-5 Primary Ballot. From sundance at CTH, Dinesh D’Souza Releases Expanded Preview Trailer for 2000 Mules, The Ballot Harvesting Story of the 2020 Election

Brad Slager at Red State is amused that The Disney-DeSantis Dust-up Leaves the Left Outraged Their Tactics Were Used Against Them. The AP whines DeSantis tests limits of his combative style in Disney feud. Deroy Murdock at NYPo sees hypocrisy, ‘Don’t say gay’? Hypocritical Disney makes money in countries that ban homosexuality. The Imain Herald, Is Florida’s rapid-fire smackdown of Disney even legal? Experts raise questions, an issue never raised when liberal governments punish businesses for their stances. At WaEx, Colorado moves to cast itself as the anti-Florida. Just bake the damn cake, will you? 
"If Disney did come here and want to stake a claim for a 40-square-mile piece of ground, [Colorado] would put so many restrictions on them and be concerned about contamination of the environment by the lights and noise and other pollutions, they'd quickly drive Disney back to the friendly confines of Florida," he said. "It's just wacky, the longer you think about it."

Matt Margolis at PJ Media see Libs Throw Tantrum Because No More Pride, BLM Flags Can Be Displayed at ExxonMobil HQ. Look how many words I save there! Kurt Schlichter at Town Hall says Liberal Corporations Are Confused and Scared Because Conservatives Now Fight Back and the NYPo ed board says Hail the new fight to stop burning corporate cash on pushing woke idiocy.

AP Dillon, Orange County (NC) school board member harasses parent handing out info in carpool line
Former OCS board chair and current board member Hillary Mackenzie is seen in the video calling the parent a "fascist." WSMV (Nashville), New bill to not require education leaders to use students’ preferred pronouns. PJ Media's Kevin Downey on why Libs Spending the Weekend Licking Their Wounds While the Good Guys Rejoice

Tristan Justice observes that L.A. Leftists Embrace Permanent Pandemic With New Mask Mandate. That reminds me, I need to call Mark and harass him for living in a stupider state than mine. Richard Shinder at Am Spec on Mask-Shaming, Hypocrisy, and Second-Order Negative Externalities, "There’s no joy in mask-shaming country." At Am Great, Ken Masugi discourses on Masking the Mask Mandate Morass, "Legitimate government must be based on the consent of the governed. And the anti-COVID regime failed this test."

It looks like Elon Musk is still serious about buying Twitter. WSJ, cited at Haut Hair, Twitter reexamines Musk bid, may be more open to a deal, also NYT, Twitter in advanced talks to sell itself to Elon Musk.  Reuters, Twitter, under shareholder pressure, begins deal talks with Musk. At Da Wire, Twitter Facing Mounting Pressure From Shareholders To Take Specific Action Over Potential Buyout: Report. At NR, cited by Hot Hair, Kevin Williamson, who says sensible things sometimes, when he's not talking about Trump on Why it’s so much fun watching Elon Musk slap Twitter in the face. Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Elon Musk sends cryptic 'moving on' tweet, later clarifies it's about Bill Gates. WaPoo's Megan McArdle opines Buying Twitter is one thing. Changing it? Good luck with that.

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