Monday, April 11, 2022

Biden Still Sinking, Groomers Still Grooming, Elon Musk Refuses to be Tied Down by Twitter

Sauron's Eye has a new poll, CBS News poll: In economic views, inflation outweighs jobs. The bad news for Biden is hidden at the bottom. Sundance at CTH analyzes; Latest CBS Poll Reflects No Hope for Anyone, Including Joe Biden and Democrats. Breitbart Reports Soaring Bidenflation Tipped to Hit Another 40-Year High. At Da Wire, New Polls Signal Major Problems For Democrats Ahead Of 2022 Midterm Elections, and Dan Chaitin at WaEx notes Biden faces worst job approval yet in poll. 42%. Capt. Ed At Haut Hair Red calls Red wave alert: Enthusiasm gap is real and it's spectacular, says ABC. Loandon Mion at Town Hall catches The Murder Turtle in mid-chortle, McConnell on November's Midterms: Democrats Are Headed Toward 'a Pretty Good Beating.' Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media wonders Do Republicans Have a Legit Shot at the Senate in November? I suppose that depends on how you count Collins, Murky and Mitty. At Da Caller, Democrats In Danger Of Losing Key Senate Seat, "Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada is in danger of losing reelection and handing control of the Senate over to Republicans in November." National Journal calls Nevada The epicenter of the midterms. Dan Chaitin at WaEx says McCarthy won't commit to Biden impeachment. Which is fine. Announcing it in advance is just proving it's a political thing. It is, but you don't need to shout it. At PJ Media Rick Moran smirks when Pelosi says AOC Wanted to be 'Queen Bee' of the Left and It Cost Democrats.

Rick Moran at PJ Media says the The New Democratic Voter Outreach Strategy That Will Guarantee a GOP Victory in November. At LI, 'Fuzzy Slippers' elaborates, Democrats Plan To Close Enthusiasm Gap By Paying People To Nag Their Friends About Politics, "What can go wrong?" Nicole Silverio at Da Caller takes notice of a ‘Meet The Press’ Panel that Predicts ‘Culture War’ Will Be A ‘Real Problem For The Democrats’ In The Midterm Elections

Which is a good segue into the Great Grooming Wars. Kurt Schlichter at Town Hall wants you to Call Groomers 'Groomers' Because of Their Grooming and Because It Annoys David French. At WaEx, Jenny Goldsberry informs us of a California teacher charged with 29 counts of sex crimes against minors. "The Richmond Police Department and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office arrested Gower at Sacramento International Airport as she returned from a trip to Hawaii after seven anonymous minors reported her for engaging in sexual acts, inappropriate touching, and sharing sexually explicit photos, according to the district attorney's office." From Fox, Gov. Murphy doesn't respond to questions about NJ gender identity lessons for 2nd graders, "New Jersey's new sex education curriculum drawing criticism from parents." They must be domestic terrorists, or at least deplorables! From the WJ, More Than a Dozen States Now Considering Florida-Style Anti-'Grooming' Bill.  Athena Thorne at PJ Media sees LOL: Leftists Try, Fail to Paint Republicans as the Real Pedophiles. Insty, WELL, SO MUCH FOR RED-PILLED BILL MAHER: Maher: GOP Has Become ‘Obsessed With Pedophilia’ in ‘Very Short Time.’ . . .Flashback: Bill Maher defended pedophilia in 1998 and 2007. Now he’s taking credit for Milo’s downfall. Bob Spencer at PJ Media, Former Reddit Chief Uses ‘Free-Speechers’ as a Pejorative Term. At Da Caller, How Two Questions From College Kids Derailed A Big Liberal Disinformation Conference

At the Tampa Freep, Disney Silent On Reports It Helps Employees’ Kids Get Sex Changes. Bounding into Comics, Numerous Disney Employees Call Out Company’s Radical Opposition To Florida’s Anti-Grooming Bill. From the Grid, Disney vs. DeSantis: How the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ war is threatening the House of Mouse’s empire in Florida

Melania Trump
In Florida Politics, Ron DeSantis top GOP 2024 choice in Texas if Donald Trump doesn’t run. At The Pipeline Michael Walsh calls DeSantis The Shadow President. News Week whines when Trump Says He's 'The Most Honest Human Being God Has Ever Created' The true Teflon Don. KT at Haut Hair may hold the key to mystery of  Why did Trump endorse Dr. Oz? One person's support may hold the answer. Melania Trump? Althouse, "[Trump] added that Oz had said he was in 'extraordinary health, which made me like him even more (although he also said I should lose a couple of pounds!).'" 

"He also stated, without any specific evidence for his claim, that 'women, in particular, are drawn to Dr. Oz for his advice and counsel. I have seen this many times over the years.'"
. . .
Also: "'No teacher should ever be allowed to teach far left gender theories to our children without parental consent,' Trump said. 'It’s truly child abuse, plain and simple.'"

Morgan Ortagus
In the ongoing battle for Tennessee, the Star reports  Morgan Ortagus, Robby Starbuck, Baxter Lee Removed from the TN-5 GOP Primary Ballot – for Now, but are they really? Tennessee Secretary of State’s Office Approves the Qualifying Petitions of 14 Candidates in Race for TN-5 Seat

Mediaite whine that she committed the ultimate sin, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, in Wild New Campaign Ad: ‘The Fake News, Big Tech and Blue State Liberals Stole the Election from President Trump’. But 'Bonchie' at Red State reminds us Hillary Clinton Foments Insurrection About the 2016 Election — According to Her Own Party's Rules. Tim Meisburger wonders what would happen if we Applied International Standards to 2020 Elections. Clear signs of a rigging. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great calls the FBI Kidnapping Caper Flagrant Election Interference, "The only people pushing to do something big before Election Day resided in the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C." while 'Adam Mill' says Abolish the FBI or Face an American Putin, "Since J. Edgar Hoover founded it, the FBI has never really been a law enforcement agency. It’s a clearing house for kompromot and intimidation."

WaEx, Elon Musk will not join Twitter board of directors. From the Spectator World, Elon Musk is the Darth Vader of Twitter, ‘I’m here to put you back on schedule’.  Althouse notes "Musk informed Twitter on Saturday morning that he would not, in fact, take the board seat." Da Wire reports Musk’s Decision To Not Join Twitter’s Board Signals Potential Major Move He Can Now Make On The Company. Being on the board would limit him to 14.9% ownership, and make him responsible for the health of the company. So he refused their offer. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, So long edit button? Musk reverses, declines seat on Twitter board

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