Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Buwudabout Hunter?

It's only been four days, and the digital bin is chuck full already. At Da Wire, Ron Klain says Joe Biden Is ‘Confident’ Hunter Didn’t Break The Law, Family ‘Did The Right Thing’ In Business Deals. As the WaEx notes Biden once denied knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings; now, he's certain they were not illegal. Jonathon Turley details how, Biden’s ‘absolute’ defense of Hunter leaves media and Justice Department in a muddle. Breitbart, Joe Biden Struggles with Anger Issues Especially When Questioned About Family Corruption. The senile often suffer anger issues. Miranda Devine at NYPo warns Throwing Hunter Biden under the bus won’t be enough to clear Joe. Joh Solomon at JTN, Ron Johnson’s unanswered corruption questions from 2020 loom large over Joe Biden, "The unknowns: Did the president benefit in any way from his son’s overseas business deals, what did he know and when did he know it?"

And in an interesting new twist, Fox reports Ron Klain solicited money from Hunter Biden for VP residence in 2012, emails show: 'Keep this low low key'. PM, Biden's chief-of-staff asked Hunter for funds for VP residence. Breitbart, Establishment Media Ignore Alleged Payouts to Biden Family, Detailed in Hunter’s Texts and  Hunter Biden’s Depicted Family Payout Mechanism Further Proved in Ron Klain’s 2012 Email

According to emails from Hunter’s laptop, Hunter paid Joe Biden’s phone bill and various expenses while Joe Biden served as vice president, the New York Post reported:
[W]hile Joe was vice president, Hunter routinely paid at least some of his father’s household expenses, including AT&T bills of around $190 a month.

We know from an e-mail on June 5, 2010, with the subject “JRB bills” to Hunter from Eric Schwerin, his business partner at Rosemont Seneca, that he was expected to foot hefty bills to Wilmington contractors for maintenance and upkeep of his father’s palatial lakefront property. Joe’s initials are JRB, for Joseph Robinette Biden.

The bills that June included $2,600 to contractor Earle Downing for a “stone retaining wall” at Joe’s Wilmington estate, $1,475 to painter Ronald Peacock to paint the “back wall and columns” of the house, and $1,239 to builder Mike Christopher for repairs to the air conditioning at the cottage of Joe’s late mother, Jean “Mom-Mom” Biden, which was on his property and which he would later rent to the Secret Service for $2,200 a month.
Hunter allegedly paid these bills while Joe Biden was making $250,000 per year as vice president. Joe Biden has denied knowledge or involvement in the Biden Family’s business scheme. But additional Scherwin emails to Hunter suggest Joe Biden knew of the Biden family business scheme and wanted his bills covered by the agreement.

Bob Anderson at Da Fed claims Joe Biden’s Released Tax Returns Don’t Explain Millions In Income. Where Did It Come From?. Hunter? At Da Lid, Hunter’s Grand Jury Asks “Who Is The Big Guy”

Who is the Big Guy?

According to a new NY Post Hunter Biden exclusive :
A witness who testified before the Hunter Biden grand jury was asked to identify the “big guy” in the first son’s planned deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate — as calls ramped up to have President Biden included in a conspiracy probe.

John Solomon at JTN reports Ex-intel officer: Spy agency sought Hunter Biden laptop back in 2020 to see if family compromised. Insty, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG . . . Related: The ‘cabal’ that bragged of foisting Joe Biden on us must answer for his failed presidency. Ace, Retired Intelligence Officers: A Three-Letter Agency Came to Me Asking For My Copy of Hunter Biden's Laptop, In Order to Analyze the President's Family for Possible Compromise by Hostile Foreign GovernmentsWeird that NeverTrump isn't interested in a special prosecutor, isn't it? It's almost as if they're highly partisan liberal Democrats or something.

Of course, a big part of the story is the media malpractice. At Fox, MSNBC's Chuck Todd snaps at guest over criticism of Hunter Biden media coverage: 'That's the laziest attack'. Which is not to say it's wrong. At News Busters, Chuck Todd FREAKS When Republican Calls Out Media Refusing to Cover Hunter Biden Scandal, also, The Media's Hunter Biden Embarrassment Continues. They can't be embarrassed. Charles Glasser at Insty, LET’S PLAY ANOTHER ROUND OF “A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT:” "Most media observers last week were either timidly admitting (or boasting, depending on their posture) that yes, conservative and right-leaning or oriented news organizations were right all along about Hunter Biden’s laptop." 

The WaPoo ed board opines, The Hunter Biden story is an opportunity for a reckoning. A mealy-mouth half apology. Fox, NY Times, Washington Post reporting on Hunter Biden laptop after earlier doubts prompts media 'reckoning'

"The WaPo and Times are still doing their best to suppress much of the story, even as they admit (begrudgingly, indirectly and with nary a hint of an apology to the folks who broke it all 18 months ago) that the laptop was real all along," the board wrote. "The most charitable explanation we can imagine is that they fear for the nation if Kamala Harris becomes president, because the Times is still finding plenty of news mysteriously unfit for print while DC’s Post keeps many of the facts in darkness."

At Da Wire, Joseph Curl, ‘Reckoning’: WaPo Admits Hunter Biden Story Teaching Media A Lesson

Sister Toldja at Red State features Heartbreak on ABC’s ‘This Week’ as Chris Christie Nails Media on Suppression of Hunter Biden Story and at Gateway Pundit, thinks it's EPIC! how Maria Bartiromo DUNKS on Chris Wallace for Hiding Biden Family Crimes from American Public During 2020 Debate.  I&I wonders Will Hunter Biden Scandal Further Erode Americans’ Trust In Media? What trust? At the Morning Rant at Aces open blogger asks, Why is the laptop fair game now? And offers two alternatives, getting prepared to dump Biden, or setting up the "old news" defense. Lloyd Billingsley at Am Great takes the intelligence community to task in Laptop Dancing. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN appreciates how Ron Johnson uses Watergate term to describe media’s belated Hunter Biden scandal coverage, "They're not impartial. They're advocates for the democratic party of the radical left." 

PM claims Emails reveal top Democrats cultivated as key contacts for Biden family business ventures. Who wouldn't want to go into business with a crack head? Mark Levine at Fox, Levin calls for special counsel to investigate Biden family: 'We need to know what the hell is going on' 'We need an experienced, competent, independent federal prosecutor who puts together a team to investigate Joe Biden.' I'm sure Merrick Garland will jump right on it. From Seamus Bruner and John Solomon at JTN, Hunter Biden sought to cash in with oligarchs during first Russian war on Ukraine, records show. From TNP, ‘Love This Idea’ – Hunter Biden’s Firm Wanted to Asset Strip the U.S. Postal Service, E-Mail Reveals, "Meanwhile, Joe Biden is trying to replace the Postmaster General." At Haut Hair, Capt. Ed revels in Swamp creatures: E-mails show Joe Biden wrote college-application endorsement for Hunter client in China. This would have been hysterical, House Republicans invite Hunter Biden to testify on cobalt mining, his 'expertise' on EV batteries, but it didn't happen. Fox, Motion to subpoena Hunter Biden to testify before Congress blocked by Democrats, "Democrats 'refuse to hold Hunter accountable for his shady business dealings,' House GOP said."

Bonchie at Red State shares Man Who Exposed Hunter Biden's Laptop Shares Disgusting Details

Things apparently got so bad that his business was physically targeted, with people throwing rotten food at his building. According to Isaac, he had to have a police presence because he felt his life was in danger. Those two factors led to a sharp decrease in his customer base.

JTN,  Secret Service paying over $30K a month for Malibu home to provide security for Hunter Biden, "Retired Secret Service agent said the arrangement is "the cost of doing business."" It isn't their money. Da Mail claims an EXCLUSIVE: Inside the $30k-a-month 'magical Mediterranean resort-style home' in Malibu that has been turned into a crash pad for Secret Service agents so they can protect next-door neighbor Hunter Biden. Someone let's Ace on in a little secret, Peachy Keenan: Why Has Hunter Biden Rented a House in Malibu Directly Across the Street from a Rehab Clinic?. Eh, it's California; there's a rehab center on every block.

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