Sunday, April 24, 2022

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 I can't really get a good handle on a title. Breitbart has a Poll: 70 Percent Say Country Is Headed in the Wrong Direction, and 30 percent are either ignorant or evil. Also  Three Signs Republicans May Hammer Democrats in Midterm Landslide.  At Althouse, 'The vibes just feel very off,' said Tré Easton, progressive consultant. Others use words like 'horrible' and 'debacle' to describe a political environment..., "From "'It’s Time to Head for the Lifeboats': Democratic Fatalism Intensifies/Strategists and pollsters are increasingly talking about limiting the party’s expected losses in November rather than how to gain new seats" by Blake Hounshell (NYT)." Paul Bedard at WaEx, wonders about the White House Report Card: Is Biden this bad on purpose? Is he trying to set low expectations? Roger Kimball at Am Great wonders Who Is Running This Show, Anyway? "Things boil down to a question of "Who rules"? Is it the people or a hive of bureaucratic would-be experts?" Bill Whittle, Slip-Slidin’ Away: The Progressive Left Now Gets Thrashed on Every Issue, Everywhere

At WaEx, This House Republican is likely to become speaker if McCarthy bid gets derailed. Steve Scalise. I could live with that, but the fact that Media and Democrats are fighting so hard to stain McCarthy makes him look more attractive. Aaron Kliegman at JTN tells of  The Trump comeback no one's talking about: Still Teflon, "After leaving office on down note, Trump is kingmaker in 2022 — and in pole position for 2024." NewsMax, Trump: JD Vance 'a Guy That Said Some Bad S**t About Me', but supports him anyway. At Desert News, How bad do Utah Democrats want Mike Lee out? Bad enough to ditch their own nominee and back Evan McMullin instead. Spencer Brown at Town Hall, LA Times Endorses Republican in Call for a Check on Democrats' Power. Now you know they're desperate.

The lockdowns and the damage done. The WSJ, cited at Haut Hair says, Anthony Fauci is not the law. ". . .  as Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in November 2020, “even if the Constitution has taken a holiday during this pandemic, it cannot become a sabbatical.” Michael Barone at WaEx, The verdict on lockdowns: high costs, minimal benefits. Breitbart even catches Bill Maher: Young People Have Anxiety Problems Because They’ve ‘Been Indoctrinated’ on COVID.

Stacy McCain on the trangender/grooming issue, ‘The Enormity of the Crime’
One of the things I’ve always understood about what is now generally called “the LGBTQ movement” (once known more simply as “gay rights”) was that it really wasn’t about fighting oppression, and that the claims of victimhood involved were largely fictitious. And I knew this because I actually knew gay people, none of whom were in the least bit oppressed or victimized, despite the fact that they lived in the heart of the Bible Belt.

Jeremy Carl at Am Great, Refusing What We Are: The Evil of Children’s Transgenderism, "It’s difficult for us to acknowledge the enormity of the crime committed against our children because it’s hard for us to acknowledge how deeply we have failed." Althouse cites the London Times "Vulnerable children are wrongly being given gender hormone treatment by the NHS, Sajid Javid believes, as he prepares to launch an urgent inquiry."

"The health secretary thinks the system is 'failing children' and... is understood to have likened political sensitivities over gender dysphoria to the fears of racism in Rotherham over grooming gangs.... Javid is said to be particularly alarmed by her finding that some non-specialist staff felt 'under pressure to adopt an unquestioning affirmative approach' to transitioning and that other mental health issues were 'overshadowed' when gender was raised....

At WaEx, Disney has lost $50 billion in value since war with Florida began. Sundance at CTH, Disney Corp Has Lost $46 Billion in Value Since Declaring Support for LGBTQ Studies in K-3 Education.  and Governor Ron DeSantis Discusses Disney Controversy With Tucker Carlson. At Fox Business, Former McDonald's CEO: Disney's leaders should be fired. At Ricochete, DeSantis Understands the Best Defense Is a Good Offense. Atop Da Hill, Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis offers to defend Disney against DeSantis administration. At Twitchy, ‘Hey, you do you, boo’: Jenna Ellis makes an open offer to Disney and people have thoughts Jonathon Snyder@JonathonSnyder "Replying to @JennaEllisEsq and @Disney "yes ending special tax benefits and protections not afforded to any other citizen or company is bad and constitutes retaliation, would love to see your arguments on this one." KT at Haut Hair notes that, possibly in response to Disney's troubles in Florida, Exxon bans gay pride, BLM flags from flying over corporate headquarters. At BPR, Democrats demand examples of CRT, Common Core, SEL in rejected math books — Florida delivers!

Bounding into Comics, GAC Media’s Push For True Family Entertainment Panics The Progressive Media: “Rife With Conservative Dog Whistles”. How dare a media company promote conservative values! John Sexton at Haut Hair reviews the Slantics review of Jon Stewarts new show, Atlantic: Jon Stewart's new show takes the clown nose off, 'he’s not even trying to be funny'

At Da Beast What Elon Musk’s Bid Says About Twitter’s ‘Free Speech Problem’ Hey, at least they acknowledge the problem. That's a start. 'Bonchie' at Red State take note that Bill Gates Comes Begging to Elon Musk, Resulting in an Incredible Troll:  Whole Mars Catalog@WholeMarsBlog, "So apparently Bill Gates hit up @elonmusk to discuss “philanthropy on climate change” but Elon asked if he still had a half billion dollar short position on $TSLA. Bill said he hasn’t closed it out, so Elon told him to get lost. No idea if this is true lol" Spencer Brown at Town Hall, Bill Gates Isn't Going to Like What Elon Musk Tweeted About Him

Regarding J6, Politico is shocked, shocked that Jan. 6 panel gets inconsistent testimony on key Trump family conversation, "Witnesses contradict key testimony on how hard Ivanka Trump had to push the former president to call off the Jan. 6 rioters." and GOP lawmakers were deeply involved in Trump plans to overturn election, new evidence suggests. Or trying to prevent the installation of an obviously fraudulently elected President***. Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Secret Service rush to evacuate Pence from besieged Capitol becomes 'coup' focus. I'd like to believe the SS was beyond partisan reach, but these days? Maybe not.

I noted above the desperate attempt to smear Kevin McCarthy before the Democrats lose the House in November. Rajan Laad at Am Think thinks We need to talk about Kevin McCarthy. "If McCarthy is indeed a traitor who wanted to stab President Trump and the MAGA movement in the back, why would the leftist media promote the conversation and hurt McCarthy’s reelection chances and that of him being made Speaker of the House?" Insty, Now: We Need to Talk About Kevin McCarthy: “Is it conceivable that spying on GOP personnel is now standard practice in Washington in order that conversations can be leaked to the media and be amplified for political purposes?" NYT, cited at Haut Hair claims McCarthy's lie puts GOP hypocrisy on Trump on display.  WaEx, McCarthy tells House Republicans Trump isn't mad over leaked Jan. 6 criticisms. And Da Hill is pissed that Trump, McCarthy say relationship is intact after recordings about Jan. 6.

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, The MTG inquisition has really been something to see. Can you say "show trial?" Matt Vespa thinks There Is a Logical Alternative to the Legal Circus That's Engulfed Marjorie Taylor Greene. An election?

This is a clown show. There was no insurrection or rebellion. Sorry, feelings are not facts, liberal America. We know you have plenty of feelings, you ooze feelings. More barrels of…feelings have leaked out of you than the BP oil spill. It doesn’t change the fact that this is a pile of hot garbage.

If there was evidence, Trump would be indicted by now, right? He isn’t because there is none. The select committee on this little riot was set up to be the Democrats’ saving grace for 2022. Joe Biden’s failed agenda screwed all of that up, not that it would have saved them anyway because NO ONE cares about the riot anymore. If they have nothing on Trump, and they don’t, then there’s nothing on MTG.

Sundance, The Desperation of Democrats Surfaces in Effort to Block GA Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Reelection. At, Marjorie Taylor Greene testifies at Jan. 6 candidacy hearing: ‘Our 1776 moment’ comment ‘about the courage to object’. Media shocked that "U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was hostile during testimony Friday in a hearing on her eligibility to run for reelection." WaEx reports Prosecutor plays Independence Day clip during MTG hearing. Just weird. 

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