Saturday, April 2, 2022

Palin Running for Congress

I've seen it four times now, so maybe it's true. Paul Bedard at WaEx, Palin joins Alaska House race for late Don Young's seat. NYT cited at Haut Hair, Sarah Palin is running for Congress. Sundance at CTH, Returning to the Arena, Sarah Palin Announces She Is Running for Congress. He wants her to be speaker. AK Public Media, Sarah Palin among 50 candidates running to fill remainder of Don Young’s term in US House. Instyquip by Ed Driscoll, The left’s many attempts to destroy Palin were key mile markers on the road to Trump. It would be fun to watch her respond to interviewers as a sitting congresswoman. If she can win (I don't know what her popularity is in Alaska anymore), great. It would cause liberals heads to explode, especially in a Republican run House. 

In other House race news, Star reports Morgan Ortagus Supporters File Federal Lawsuit Challenging General Assembly-Approved Three-Year Residency Requirement. I'm in favor of states setting their own requirement for office, but 3 years seems excessive for our mobile society. I'm all in on getting good looking Republican women in office, though.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.01.22 (Evening Edition), Weasel Zippers note Judge Rules NY State Must Redraw Redistricting Map That Gave Democrats Three More House Seats and from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.01.22, American Greatness: Ariz. Governor Signs Bill Requiring Proof Of Citizenship To Vote. Jacob Posik at At NR, Election Integrity: Right to Vote for Citizens Only. A few years ago that would have seemed obvious. Benjamin Yount at JTN, Some election managers ignoring Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling on absentee ballots. Ballot harvesting, it's just to cheatalicous to give up.

Republicans in Wisconsin say the drop boxes were hotbeds of ballot harvesting.

Rep. Janel Brandtjen, R-Menomonee Falls, said data shows “138 people visited drop boxes 3,568 times in the days and weeks before the November election.”

ET elaborates, Election Watchdog Finds 137,500 Ballots Unlawfully Trafficked in Wisconsin

At least 137,500 absentee ballots were cast through unlawful vote trafficking throughout several of Wisconsin’s largest cities in the 2020 election, according to research presented last week to the state Assembly’s Committee on Campaigns and Elections by the public interest organization True the Vote (TTV).
. . .
Based on his 15-month study of election practices in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Michigan, Phillips estimates that at least 4.8 million votes were trafficked nationally.

According to the True the Vote report, 242 intermediaries in metro Atlanta made 5,668 stops at drop boxes during elections in late 2020. In its report, TTV said it obtained 4 million minutes of drop box video surveillance tape that helped to document its Georgia findings.
. . .
The study found that in Arizona, 202 intermediaries made 4,282 separate visits to ballot boxes in Maricopa County.

Sophie Mann at JTN reports Election cheating? Stefanik challenger admits being caught on video altering ballot petitions, before dropping out of the race. 

On Da Hill, Gallup, Overwhelming majority disapproves of job Congress is doing. Disapproving of Congress is easy, but if you won't vote against the guy who's in office in your district, it doesn't matter. But, as John Sexton reports at Haut Hair, Cook Political Report: 'Both sides see the possibility of a Red Tsunami in 2022'. His picture of Pelosi is priceless. Maybe it's because Democrats Keep Confusing Twitter for the Real World (Matt Lewis at YaHoo!). NYT, cited by Haut Hair wonders Can Republicans win just by saying no? No is a perfectly good word; politicians need to hear it more often. At WaEx, Paul Bedard is in Shock: Black people abandoning Biden. No doubt because of his brutality to Corn Pop!

Hollywood in Toto wants to know When Will Comedians Stop Protecting Kamala Harris? "The Vice President's reign of word salad speeches deserves a satiric response" Yes, they do, but the layers of protection for Democrat politicians is pretty thick. 

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