Friday, April 22, 2022

Beach Report 4/22/22

We got a late start today, around 4. It was all my fault for being out most of the day. Back to shorts and T-shirt weather, 75 at home, 65 at the beach. And pollen. We have pollen. This was by no means the biggest concentration of it floating around in the shallows.
The tide was pretty low, coming up, with just a little wave action, what I consider nearly perfect conditions for tooth hunting. 
We met a bunch of students being shepherded around by Calvert Marine Museum people and some other folk, so Skye got her fair share of pets.
I got lucky. I like it when they're this easy.
The best of 27 teeth, a couple of stingray chevrons, a crab claw, a lovely White Shark tooth. 1 5/8th inches, on the slant (the generally agreed method for shark's teeth), in fine shi

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