Saturday, April 23, 2022

Beach Report 4/23/22 - The Good Karma Tooth

Another fine spring day, 70s at home, 60 at the beach, with a brisk wind coming out of the east

Despite a low tide, the amount of surf made looking for fossils a little tough. 
I call this one my good karma tooth. As I passed a guy with a baby near the far end of Matoaka, I spotted a small Tiger Shark tooth and picked it up. He asked if I just found a tooth, and said he and his wife had been looking but had found none. I explained how I look and what I look for, and gave him the little Tiger, and went on up. When I got to near his wife up at the big fall where we have to turn around most days, I spotted a nice, but small upper Snaggletooth, explained tooth hunting again, and gave her that tooth. On the way way back, I passed the guy again, and he said his wife called him and was thrilled with the tooth and thanked me profusely.  I walked back another 20 yards or so, and spotted this one, at least twice as big as the one I gave away. 

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