Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Politics Delayed

 We went to the beach before I finished.

At Da Caller, POLL: Biden’s Approval Rating Craters Again. So much for the KBJ confirmation bounce. Also, Biden’s Hemorrhaging Support In Key Voting Bloc A Huge Threat To Dems, "people aged 18-30." 'Fuzzy Slippers' at LI notes an  NBC Poll: 30-point Shift Toward GOP In Hispanic Congressional Preference, “Most Hispanics are fleeing countries that have been economically and morally ruined by leftist policies.” John Sexton at Haut Hair predicts Democrats are heading for disaster in the Senate. Simon Bazelon at Anxious is anxious that Democrats are sleepwalking into a Senate disaster, "Business as usual will produce a huge GOP majority." At Power Line Steven Hayward starts an optimistic new series, The Dem Midterm Wipeout Watch (1) From Breitbart, a Poll: Only 7 Percent Believe Nation Is Doing ‘Very Well’ Under Joe Biden. Who are those 7%? Salena Zito at Am warns Great Pennsylvania’s Dramatic Shift Rightward Is a Warning Sign for Both Parties about Overreach

Sundance at CTH, announces Here We Go, White House Warns of Extraordinarily Elevated Inflation Data to Be Released Tomorrow (today). At Da Caller, Psaki Warns Of ‘Extraordinarily Elevated’ Inflation Data, Blames ‘Putin’s Price Hike’. Anxious, Get ready for a nasty inflation report. From Da Wire, ‘Voters Know Biden Is To Blame For Higher Prices’: RNC Slams White House For Pinning Inflation On ‘Putin’s Price Hike’. 'Bonchie' at Red State, Joe Biden Announces a Mind-Numbingly Stupid Move on Gas Prices, "Nah, he’s going to allow an E15 blend during the summer months instead." Rick Moran at PJ Media looks at their history and wonders Why Aren't Democrats Dancing for Joy About Sky-High Gas Prices? Silly question. It's because it's hurting them now. The Center Square thinks agrees with Critics: Illinois Democrats' plan to force retailers to post 'tax relief' details is unconstitutional, election year propaganda. Forget it Jake, it's Illinois. Joy Pullman at Da Fed claims The Government Could Stop Inflation Within A Year. Instead, Expect Things To Get Worse. They probably could, but it would hurt them, so they won't. Matt Labash worries about Groundhog Day, "Are we doomed to a Trump v. Biden time loop?" At Breitbart, Stephen Miller: Biden Immigration Policy ‘Completely Impeachable.’ As we've learned, impeachable depends entirely upon the Congress.

In random political news, Nick Arama warns Kamala Has a Clueless Word Salad That Might Make Your Head Hurt. I worked in academe; my head is pretty used to meaningless words. Jazz Shaw reports on an Iowa Dem dumped from Senate ballot over rookie mistake. You have to do the paperwork. AJC thinks The  Internal poll shows Brian Kemp close to outright primary win, despite Trump fight. At Haut Hair AllahPundit has the case of the Dem congressman who decides he's just sort of not going to show up for work anymore. I encourage this, for both parties. At JTN, Trump-backed Tshibaka officially jump in race to challenge Alaska GOP Sen. Murkowski. Good. Ace not pleased that Donald Trump Endorses Liberal Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania Senate Race, "Celebrity."

At PM WATCH: Polyamorous, genderfluid 'witch' brags about how she teaches her preschool students about sexuality. Yep, she's a witch, too. Twitchy has a Middle school teacher who says ‘I’m your parents now’ and f***k them if they don’t love and accept you for who you are. Breitbart has the case of the  Teacher who Tells Kindergartners ‘When Babies Are Born,’ Doctors ‘Guess Whether the Baby Is a Boy or a Girl’. Robert Spencer at Front Page, New Jersey to Force Second-Graders to Learn Explicit Details About ‘Gender Identity', before the times tables. That's OK, who need math? John Sexton at Haut Hair, San Diego's largest high school cut honors classes for equity. At CNS News, Pulitzer Prize Winner David Mamet: Teachers 'Are Abusing Kids Mentally and Using Sex To Do So'. At Front Page, The Left’s War on Childhood, "Leftists demand safe spaces for themselves, but take them away from children." At NR, Don’t Expect a Sister Souljah Moment from Democrats Anytime Soon. On the contrary, I expect them to double down.

WaPoo actually dares to publish a piece by Trans woman on what she wishes she'd known before having surgery at 19 (cited at Haut Hair by Joh Sexton). Althouse reads it, "I once believed that I would be more successful finding love as a woman than as a man, but in truth, few straight men are interested..."  In the course of Human Events, Alabama Gov. Signs Law Banning Sex Change Treatments for Kids.

At PM, America's Shadow President, DeSantis signs bill investing $70 million into programs to support fatherhood. Fox 13, Tampa, New Florida law funds pro-fatherhood programs such as Tony Dungy's 'All Pro Dad'. Althouse catches J. K. Rowling being a recidivist, What is this hashtag — #RespectMySex?. Dan Fletcher at Am Think thinks about Equity and 'Equity-speak.'  

Breitbart, Charlee Corra, Disney Heiress and High School Teacher, Comes Out as Trans; Slams Florida’s Education Law. From now on, Disney princesses will come in butch and butcher. Bounding Into Comics reports Twitter Locks Out Agent Poso Creator Jack Posobiec Over ‘Boycott Groomers’ Disney Parody Merch. Across da pond at Da Mail, Transgender killer who has changed from male to female now says she identifies as a baby and demands nappies, baby food and a dummy in her prison cell, "Eastwood is a complex person and intelligent but she is pretty demanding on the resources of the prison and enjoys being the centre of attention."

At CTH. sundance features True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, Outline Details of 2020 Ballot Harvesting Process

From Breitbart, Zuckerberg money won’t be in next round of aid for elections, "The nonprofit that distributed most of the $350 million in donations from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to election offices in 2020 says it won’t disburse similar donations this year". At PJ Media VodkaPundit wonders Why Hasn't Hillary Clinton Been Banned From Twitter?

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